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Authors in Health and Medical Administration

Authors in Health and Medical Administration
Last NameAuthorArticlesWorksRelated Disciplines
Hoffman Mark A. HoffmanMark A. Hoffman (2)2


DeShazo Jonathan P. DeShazoJonathan P. DeShazo (2)2


Mick Stephen S. Farnsworth MickStephen S. Farnsworth Mick (1)1


Magsino Emmanuel MagsinoEmmanuel Magsino (1)1


Anesthesiology, Quality Improvement, Telemedicine
Satjapot Siriporn P. SatjapotSiriporn P. Satjapot (1)1


Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Business Analytics, Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory
Simonds R.J. Simonds , M.D.R.J. Simonds , M.D. (1)1


Hsieh Hui-Min HsiehHui-Min Hsieh (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Acute Liver Failure Study Group Acute Liver Failure Study GroupAcute Liver Failure Study Group (1)1


Lee William M. LeeWilliam M. Lee (1)1


Seo Munseok SeoMunseok Seo (1)1


Patel Urvashi B. PatelUrvashi B. Patel (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Solti Imre SoltiImre Solti (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Harris James Mitchell Harris IIJames Mitchell Harris II (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Hurwitz Richard L. Hurwitz , M.D.Richard L. Hurwitz , M.D. (1)1


Neimeyer Jennifer NeimeyerJennifer Neimeyer (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Castro Kenneth G. Castro , M.D.Kenneth G. Castro , M.D. (1)1


Massie Maribeth L. MassieMaribeth L. Massie (1)1


Gold Marsha R. Gold , Sc.D.Marsha R. Gold , Sc.D. (1)1


Syed Khajamoinuddin SyedKhajamoinuddin Syed (1)1


Other Computer Engineering, Quality Improvement
Rogers Martha F. Rogers , M.D.Martha F. Rogers , M.D. (1)1


Brickhouse Tegwyn H. BrickhouseTegwyn H. Brickhouse (1)1


Moore Rick MooreRick Moore (1)1


Medical Sciences
Chevan Julia ChevanJulia Chevan (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Hanshew Michael HanshewMichael Hanshew (1)1


Lamm Sandra L. LammSandra L. Lamm (1)1


Chou Tiang-Hong ChouTiang-Hong Chou (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Schable Charles A. Schable , M.S.Charles A. Schable , M.S. (1)1


Barnes Andrew J. BarnesAndrew J. Barnes (1)1


DelliFraine Jami L. DelliFraineJami L. DelliFraine (1)1


DeLellis Nailya DeLellisNailya DeLellis (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Khushalani Jaya Shankar KhushalaniJaya Shankar Khushalani (1)1


Econometrics, Health Policy, Neoplasms, Race and Ethnicity, Surgical Procedures, Operative
Kohlenberg Sherry H. Kohlenberg , M.H.A.Sherry H. Kohlenberg , M.H.A. (1)1


Palazzolo Jennifer R. PalazzoloJennifer R. Palazzolo (1)1


Deibler Ruth E.P. DeiblerRuth E.P. Deibler (1)1


Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Environmental Design, Environmental Public Health, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Interprofessional Education, Nonfiction, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Other Architecture, Quality Improvement, Theory and Criticism, Translational Medical Research
Jackson Tia JacksonTia Jackson (1)1


Lim Kate LimKate Lim (1)1


Cochran Emily D. CochranEmily D. Cochran (1)1


Tran Tan T. TranTan T. Tran (1)1


Health Services Administration, Health Services Research
Korzun William J. KorzunWilliam J. Korzun (1)1


Begley Charles BegleyCharles Begley (1)1


DePuccio Matthew J. DePuccioMatthew J. DePuccio (1)1


Shivakumar Nirmala K. ShivakumarNirmala K. Shivakumar (1)1


Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Health Services Administration, International Public Health, Law and Politics, Medical Education
Pennywell Natalie PennywellNatalie Pennywell (1)1


Shay Patrick D. ShayPatrick D. Shay (1)1


Conley Lois J. Conley , M.T., M.P.H.Lois J. Conley , M.T., M.P.H. (1)1


Snead Lizbeth SneadLizbeth Snead (1)1


Lake Timothy Lake , M.P.P.Timothy Lake , M.P.P. (1)1


Suarez Olga Suarez MDOlga Suarez MD (1)1


Anesthesiology, Quality Improvement, Telemedicine
Allen David AllenDavid Allen (1)1


Muhammad Raheema s. MuhammadRaheema s. Muhammad (1)1


Ozcan Yasar A. OzcanYasar A. Ozcan (1)1


Berenson Robert Berenson , M.D.Robert Berenson , M.D. (1)1


Heatwole Kathleen B. HeatwoleKathleen B. Heatwole (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Kim Tae Hyun KimTae Hyun Kim (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Ensor Todd EnsorTodd Ensor (1)1


Rule Jody A. RuleJody A. Rule (1)1


Linhart Hillary A. LinhartHillary A. Linhart (1)1


Lucente Betty C. LucenteBetty C. Lucente (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Rayfield Mark A. Rayfield , Ph.D.Mark A. Rayfield , Ph.D. (1)1


Langabeer James R. LangabeerJames R. Langabeer (1)1


Dahan Beverley A. Dahan , B.A.Beverley A. Dahan , B.A. (1)1


Coleman Theresa R. Coleman , B.A.Theresa R. Coleman , B.A. (1)1


Decker Kimberly L. Decker Virginia Commonwealth UniversityKimberly L. Decker Virginia Commonwealth University (1)1


Al-Haider Abdolmohsin S. Al-HaiderAbdolmohsin S. Al-Haider (1)1


Campbell William W. Campbell IIIWilliam W. Campbell III (1)1


Health Services Research, Other Medicine and Health Sciences
Hurley Robert Hurley , Ph.D.Robert Hurley , Ph.D. (1)1


Attar Nahid AttarNahid Attar (1)1


Boles Myra BolesMyra Boles (1)1


Rice Thomas RiceThomas Rice (1)1


Strucko Eric J. StruckoEric J. Strucko (1)1


Health Services Administration, Nonprofit Administration and Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory
Carcaise-Edinboro Patricia Carcaise-EdinboroPatricia Carcaise-Edinboro (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Lin Chun-Chieh LinChun-Chieh Lin (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Zink Janet A. ZinkJanet A. Zink (1)1


Health Information Technology, Management Information Systems, Translational Medical Research
Tian Wenquiang TianWenquiang Tian (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Swanson Abby Jo SwansonAbby Jo Swanson (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Hanoch Yaniv HanochYaniv Hanoch (1)1


Diana Mark L. DianaMark L. Diana (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Bottenfield Scott Bottenfield , R.N.Scott Bottenfield , R.N. (1)1


Early Jennifer EarlyJennifer Early (1)1


Nursing Administration, Other Nursing
Wall Richard R. WallRichard R. Wall (1)1


Cardiology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Emergency Medicine
Khushalani Jaya KhushalaniJaya Khushalani (1)1


Holmberg Scott D. Holmberg M.D., M.P.H.Scott D. Holmberg M.D., M.P.H. (1)1


Gardner Lea Anne GardnerLea Anne Gardner (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Chukmaitov Askar S. ChukmaitovAskar S. Chukmaitov (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Jung Michael JungMichael Jung (1)1


Anesthesiology, Quality Improvement, Telemedicine
Fisher Ronald L. FisherRonald L. Fisher (1)1


Medicine and Health Sciences
Hynan Linda S. HynanLinda S. Hynan (1)1


Sanders Corron SandersCorron Sanders (1)1


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