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Doctor of Philosophy


Public Policy & Administration

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Dr. Nancy Stutts

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Dr. Richard Huff

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Dr. Myung JIn

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Dr. Andrew Schoeneman


Using rated responses from nonprofit CEOs who participated in the 2016 BoardSource national survey, this study investigates whether nonprofit board inclusive behavior or board inclusive practices are positively correlated with nonprofit board effectiveness. It further examines whether a critical mass of racial and ethnic minority or women board members may moderate the relationship stated above. To answer these questions, the study tested six hypotheses using principal component analysis, followed by hierarchical regression analysis, and found no evidence of statistical significance in main or moderator effects. The study recommends that policymakers should frame policies that ensure mandatory quotas for women and racioethnic minority board members for nonprofits that receive government funding and/or act as alternative service delivery agents for governments. In addition, the nonprofit CEOs should promote the learning-integration perspective of group inclusion to help maximize the experience of inclusion of board members. The study further recommends that nonprofit boards should promote pluralistic diversity, abandon tokenism, and foster an inclusive environment for all board members irrespective of their gender and color.


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