About SIL


The Sensory Intelligent Lab (SIL) was founded in 2008, located in a room about 900 sq.-ft. (plus additional 1,000 sq. ft. possibilities). It houses over 200K in research facilities during the first year and continues to be growing rapidly. Facilities mainly fall under one of three interdisciplinary areas: computer vision, human-computer interaction, sensory based robotics. The laboratory currently has three Ph.D. students, two master students, and six undergraduate senior students. The PI is the founded director, and is actively collaborating with other faculty members across departments and colleges at VCU. For example, the recent collaboration initiated outreach on sensory intelligence for biomedical applications such as medical imaging, medical diagnosis support, and surgical robotics, by integrating fundamental studies on computer vision, human-computer interaction, image synthesis, ubiquitous computing, and personal robotics.


The laboratory is currently equipped with five of the latest desktop, one pocket personal computer, one tablet personal computer, and four mobile workstations. Some of them are capable with image grabbing by four PCI and two PCMCIA cards. These computers are used for processing sensory data of various cameras, such as wired/wireless networked, far-infrared, micro, active ones. Such intelligent imaging devices enable investigators to develop modern computational vision projects.


The laboratory provides latest technological equipment which is mainly used for robotics and computational vision systems. Other media platforms include a mobile sensory-based robot.

major resources

The laboratory provides following major items of state-of-art network and mobile computing tools, used for sensory intelligent projects.

other resources

Other resources are available since the Co-PI is collaborating with other departments and programs over across VCU (1) Department of Computer Science, (2) Mechanical Engineering, (2) Department of Radiology, (3) Department of Biomedical Engineering, (4) MED Associates Inc., (5) Polhemus Inc.


parking information

Street parking is limited around the School of Engineering building. For those coming from the MCV campus, you have reciprocal parking privileges in the Jefferson Street parking deck, located on the corner of Jefferson and West Cary (http://www.bsv.vcu.edu/vcupark/AcademicLocator.pdf). The VCU Campus Connector from Medical Campus also makes stops close to the School of Engineering. Exit at either the Monroe Street or Monroe Park stops.

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