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Bondy Appointed Director of ARC Disaster Relief 1931

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To: National Headquarters and                                                                                Date: October 30, 1931
Branch Office Staffs.

From: The Vice-Chairman in Charge of                                                                  Subject: Appointment of Robert E. Bondy
Domestic Operations

Effective November 1, 1931, Mr. Robert E. Bondy becomes Director of Disaster Relief, which position has been vacant for some months. He brings to this important post, exceptional training and experience in Red Cross work, together with first hand acquaintance with chapter officers and state and national leaders throughout the United States. Disaster relief, it is generally recognized, has again made “Red Cross” a household expression. Mr. Bondy , since April 1919, has had continuous relationship with disaster problems in the former Lake, Southwestern and Washington divisions and more recently as Manager of the Eastern Area. He served successively in direction of field work of the Department of Civilian Relief in the Lake Division, Assistant Manager of the Southwestern Division, National Director of War Service (which he reorganized), Assistant to the Vice Chairman in Charge of Domestic Operations, and for the past four years as Manager of the Eastern Area.

During his period of service, Mr. Bondy has, at different times, represented the Red Cross in liaison with the Veterans’ Bureau, the American Legion, the National Council of Social Work and its constituent agencies, and numerous other organizations. He was Director of Reconstruction in Red Cross relief work following the disastrous flood of 1927, frequently serving as aid to Mr. Herbert Hoover and Vice Chairman Fieser in their joint direction of Mississippi flood relief work. During the past year he directed drouth relief work in the Eastern Area. These experiences, together with his work in connection with numerous lesser relief operations during the past ten years, give him an acquaintance with recent disaster methods and procedures possessed by few Red Cross executives.

Mr. Bondy is a native of Minnesota and was educated at the University of Chicago where he was a letter man in baseball and basketball. For a time he was engaged in newspaper work on the Chicago Tribune. He came to the Red Cross from the Columbus, Ohio Chapter of Commerce where he served as Manager of the Bureau of Social Service, completing the survey of social agencies for endorsement purposes and organizing in Columbus one of the first large War Chests, raising $3,250,000. During the war he served in the Army as an enlisted man and non-commissioned officer.

Mr. Bondy brings to his new assignment an exceptional acquaintance with the rank and file, as well as the leaders, in social work and health agencies which for a quarter of a century have so effectively reinforced Red Cross personnel in time of large disaster relief operations.

Vice Chairman.

Source: Bondy, Robert, Box 1, Folder 6, Social Welfare History Archives, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN.,

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