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Henry Street Settlement: Certificate of Incorporation


Certificate of Incorporation

March 27, 1903

We, the undersigned, all being persons of full age and at least two-thirds being citizens of the United States, and at least one f us a resident of the United States, and at least one of us a resident of the State of New York, desiring to form a corporation, pursuant to the Membership Corporations Law of the State of New York, do hereby make, a sign, acknowledge and file this certificate for the purpose as follows:

First: The name of the proposed corporation is:  Henry Street Settlement

Second: The purposes for which it is to be formed are: To provide and maintain a system of free visiting nursing, to provide homes for nurses engaged therein, and generally to do all things proper to be done by said nurses in connection with said nursing:- to conduct and maintain settlements as centers for the cultivation of higher civic and social life, including free libraries, reading and meeting rooms; and to maintain free homes for convalescents, and for recreative purpose.

Third: The territory in which said corporation is principally to conduct its operations is the City of New York

Fourth: Its principal business office is to be located in the Borough of Manhattan, City, County, and State of New York.

Fifth: The number of its Directors is to be seven.

Sixth: The name of post office addresses of the persons who are to be its directors until the first annual meeting are:


Lillian D.  Wald                                                                       265 Henry Street, N.  Y.

Jane E.  Hitchcook                                                                              “

Ysabella G.  Waters                                                                             “

Henrietta Van Cleft                                                                             “

Susan Bishop                                                                          312 E.  78th Street, N.  Y.

M.  M.  Brown                                                                  36 E.  37th Street, N.  Y.

Lavinia L.  Dock                                                                     265 Henry Street, N.  Y.

Seventh: The time for holding the Annual Meeting of the corporation

Source: Henry Street Settlement Records. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Social Welfare History Archives. Minneapolis, MN:

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