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Patrick V. Dattalo, Ph.D.


Email: pdattalo@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 828-9027

Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S.W, Virginia Commonwealth University
B.S., The City University of New York

Patrick Dattalo, Ph.D., is professor, School of Social Work. Dattalo began his university-level teaching career in 1982. He has taught courses about macro practice, organizational and community theory, and research methods. He has taught these courses at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral level in social work, criminal justice, and public administration. Dattalo has published articles and books on research methods and statistical analysis. He is a reviewer for several journals and an editorial board member for the Journal of Social Service Research and Administration in Social Work. He has taught research methods and statistics courses at the doctor, masters and baccalaureate levels. His educational background includes a B.S. in experimental psychology, a Masters in Social Work, and a Ph.D. in public administration, with a specialization in quantitative analysis.


Selected publications

P. Dattalo. (2018). Determining sample size using fast versus slow thinking. Journal of Social Service Research.

J. Keist, & Dattalo, P. (2018). Minimizing social desirability bias in measuring sensitive topics: The use of forgiving language in item development. Journal of Social Service Research.

P. Dattalo. (In Process). Multivariate analysis for social workers. NY: Oxford University Press.

P. Dattalo. (In process). On the Meaning and Uses of Variance in Quantitative Analysis. Journal TBD.

Im, H,, & Dattalo, P. (In process). Culturally grounded Common mental disorders? Factor structure of common mental disorders among Somali refugees displaced in urban Kenya.

Dattalo, P. (2015). A demonstration of canonical correlation analysis with orthogonal rotation to facilitate interpretation. Unpublished manuscript, School of Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. Posted on VCU Scholars Compass (approx

P. Dattalo. (2013). Analysis of multiple dependent variables. NY: Oxford University Press.

J. Corcoran, P. Dattalo, R, & M. Crowley. (2012). Systematic review: Cervical cancer screening interventions for Latinas. Health and Social Work. 37(4):197-205.

J. Corcoran, & P. Dattalo. (2011). A systematic review of psychosocial interventions for Suicidal Adolescents. Children and Youth Services Review. 33(11),112-2118.

J. Corcoran, P. Dattalo. (2010). Systematic review: Breast cancer screening interventions for Latinas. Journal of Women’s Health, 19(7), 1281-1288.

P. Dattalo. (2010). Ethical issues in sampling. Journal of Social Values and Ethics, 7 (1).

P. Dattalo. (2009). Software for sample size determination. Evaluation and the Health Professions, 32(3), 229-248.

P. Dattalo. (2009). Strategies to approximate random sampling and assignment. NY: Oxford University Press.

P. Dattalo. (2008). Determining sample size: Balancing power, precision, and practicality. NY: Oxford University Press.

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