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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Faculty and Staff

Abdel-Salam G Abdel-Salam [View Image]

Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam
Affiliate Professor

Madhumita Basu [View Image]

Madhumita Basu
Teaching Assistant Professor

David F Bauer [View Image]

David F. Bauer
Professor Emeritus

Anh T Bui [View Image]

Anh T. Bui
Assistant Professor

Ye Chen [View Image]

Ye Chen
Assistant Professor

Grace Chiu [View Image]

Grace Chiu
Affiliate Professor

Samantha Coles [View Image]

Samantha Coles
Fiscal and Administrative Coordinator, Assistant to the Chair

Rebecca J Durfee [View Image]

Rebecca J. Durfee
Teaching Assistant Professor, Assistant Chair

David J Edwards [View Image]

David J. Edwards
Professor and Chair

Ryad A Ghanam [View Image]

Ryad A. Ghanam
Affiliate Professor

Chenlu Ke [View Image]

Chenlu Ke
Assistant Professor

Amy W Kimbrough [View Image]

Amy W. Kimbrough
Teaching Assistant Professor

Robin C Lawson [View Image]

Robin C. Lawson
Academic Adviser

QiQi Lu [View Image]

QiQi Lu
Associate Professor

Cheng Ly [View Image]

Cheng Ly
Associate Professor

D'Arcy P Mays [View Image]

D'Arcy P. Mays
Associate Professor and Founding Chair

James E Mays [View Image]

James E. Mays
Associate Professor

Yanjun Qian [View Image]

Yanjun Qian
Assistant Professor

Indranil Sahoo [View Image]

Indranil Sahoo
Assistant Professor

W. Scott Street, IV [View Image]

W. Scott Street, IV
Teaching Associate Professor

Ya Su [View Image]

Ya Su
Assistant Professor

Jenise L Swall [View Image]

Jenise L. Swall
Associate Professor

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