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VCU and VCU Health stationery

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Getting started

VCU and VCU Health have partnered with local vendor B&B Printing to provide you with quality stationery products at an affordable price. Ordering stationery through another vendor or printing and copying from your office computer or copier is not permitted. An e-letterhead template is available for digital communications only.


How you log in to the e-catalog is determined by how you will be paying for your items. VCU employees will order using RealSource, and VCU Health employees will purchase using either a four-digit hospital or five-digit physician plan accounting unit (AU).

For security reasons, if you do not have RealSource access or a VCU Health AU, then you cannot order stationery items through the e-catalog.

Ordering via RealSource

All VCU employees must order stationery via RealSource. P-Cards may not be used.

To order:

  1. Log in to RealSource.
  2. From the home screen, click on the B&B Printing catalog icon.
  3. Select and create stationery items using the automated catalog.
  4. Submit order back to RealSource. This will take you to a RealSource shopping cart.
  5. Proceed to "checkout" (if you are a RealSource requestor or approver) or "assign cart" (if you are a RealSource shopper) as you normally would for RealSource orders.

To request access to RealSource, contact VCU's Office of Procurement Services

Ordering with a VCU Health AU

If using a VCU Health AU, you will need to log in with your VCU eID and password. Your VCU eID and password is not the same as your Windows username and password that most VCU Health employees have to access their computer workstations. If you don't know your eID, you can find it using the VCU eID Finder.


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