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Q: How will the library work?

A: The VCU Libraries has a robust suite of resources and services available digitally. Both Cabell and Health Sciences libraries offer curbside pickup for physical materials and are open with occupancy limits. This includes limited capacity in group study rooms. Visit for more details, including FAQ.

Q: How do you work and do research in a library without any furniture? Do you mean just some furniture has been removed?

A: Some furniture in the library is being removed to accommodate physical distancing. There will be adequate furniture to accommodate those in the building.

Q: How can I use online library or online papers for online courses?

A: You should be able to access the library’s digital resources through our website, If you have any issue, please reach out through the Chat box or one of the avenues listed:

Q: Do students have to reserve time in libraries if space is limited?

A: We do not yet know how significant the demand for space in our buildings will be. We will monitor capacity and if we reach it, a line will form and we will allow one person in when one comes out. We will monitor the situation and make adjustments in operations as necessary.

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