Weekly update for students: Safety protocols, SCHEV report, computer cleaning tips and more

As we plan the return to campus for the university’s students, faculty and staff, our priorities are the health, safety and wellness — both physical and emotional — of every member of the VCU community. Many details have been worked out, and many are still to come. This weekly update will be a resource to help keep you informed as details become available. All updates are available at together.vcu.edu. Receive notifications by downloading VCU Mobile from your iOS or Android app store.

Enforcing safety protocols: What you can do

Keeping the VCU community safe and healthy means all of us working together to follow the same health and safety protocols. As a reminder, health and safety protocols outlined in the One VCU: Responsible Together plan are required for all students, employees and campus visitors. If you feel comfortable gently reminding others who are not complying with health and safety protocols, you may do so. Otherwise, talk to your professor, advisor, manager or HR professional, and discuss with them your concerns. Failure to wear a face covering and follow health and safety protocols will result in disciplinary action.

SCHEV report under review

VCU’s full return-to-campus plan is posted on the home page of together.vcu.edu and is currently under review with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), the commonwealth’s coordinating body for higher education. All Virginia institutions of higher education were required to submit return-to-campus plans to SCHEV to ensure plans comply with the governor’s requirements for the reopening of higher education. SCHEV’s review is expected to be complete by late July.

Computer cleaning

Please use caution when disinfecting personal and shared computers. Disinfectant spray should not be applied directly to a keyboard, mouse or screen. Apply disinfectant to a paper towel (do not saturate it), wipe down the keyboard and mouse, and let the surfaces air dry. Disinfectant wipes can also be used on a keyboard or mouse as long as they are not oversaturated with disinfectant. To clean screens and other computer equipment, use computer-safe, alcohol-based spray or wipes, and follow the instructions on the package.

Daily health surveys

Per the One VCU: Responsible Together plan, returning employees and students are required to complete a brief daily health survey at dailyhealth.vcu.edu/. This daily survey is required of returning employees, including hybrid teleworkers and designated employees who are already authorized to work on campus. Daily health monitoring is everyone’s responsibility and is a critical component of our return-to-campus plan. If you begin experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, this survey will advise you regarding next steps. A reminder email with a link to the health survey will be sent daily to those responsible for completing the survey. Beginning Aug. 17, all employees must complete the daily survey. Your responses are not stored, nor is the information you provide accessible to others. VCU only tracks if you do or do not respond. For more information, visit hr.vcu.edu/covid-19/return-to-campus/.

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