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BIOS 543. Graduate Research Methods I. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Enrollment is restricted to students with graduate standing, or one course in statistics and permission of instructor. This course is intended for graduate students and researchers without formal training in the statistical and biostatistical sciences. Students enrolled in this course will study various aspects of the research process, from creating the research question to publication. Particularly, students will learn sampling theory, the roles of probability, chance and variability in measurement and decision-making, study design characteristics and validity, basic data management, visualization and summarization, simple techniques for analyzing categorical data (e.g., chi-square test, exact tests), common techniques for analyzing continuous data (t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation and simple linear regression), and statistical decision-making. These topics will be covered through a variety of approaches, including traditional lecture, group discussion and in-class activities, and students will be assessed on their ability to understand statistical considerations in the study design process, appropriately perform simple statistical procedures and report statistical findings using the IMRaD format. The appropriate use of data management and statistical procedures will be modeled using several commonly used software packages. Students may receive degree credit for only one of BIOS 543, STAT 441, STAT 541, STAT 543 or STAT 641. BIOS 543 is not applicable toward the M.S. degree in mathematical sciences or the M.S. degree in computer science.

Biology, Master of Science (M.S.)

...Thesis 15 BIOS 543 Graduate Research Methods I 1 3 or STAT 543 Statistical Methods...

Integrative Life Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

...introductory level, as exemplified by STAT 543 or BIOS 543 . Students not at this level...