Audit and Management Services

Services Offered

Audit and Management Services supports VCU and VCUHS with the following types of services:

  • Compliance Audits — a review to determine the level of an organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines.
  • Financial Audits — an evaluation of an organization’s financial reports and financial reporting processes, generally to determine whether they are accurate and complete.
  • Information Systems Audits — an examination to determine whether the controls related to information technology are adequate.
  • Investigative Reviews — an audit that takes place as a result of a report of unusual or suspicious activity on the part of an individual or a department. It is usually focused on specific aspects of work.
  • System Implementation Reviews — a review that covers the development of a new system and the delivery of that system into production (day-to-day business or organization operation).
  • Special Requests —an audit, review, or project initiated at the request of management, to execute and report on agreed-upon procedures.
  • Advisory Services — a range of consulting services provided to management or a department requiring specialized advice on a particular topic.
  • Integrated Audits — an audit that combines two or more types of audits into a single project. For example, a financial audit combined with an audit of information systems would be a type of integrated audit.
  • Consolidated Audits — an audit in which specific functions or processes are reviewed across several related entities. An example of a consolidated audit would be an audit of the VCU Health System Pathology Department, the MCVP Department of Pathology and the VCU School of Medicine, Department of Pathology simultaneously.
  • Internal Controls Consultation — a review of processes within a given area to determine whether safeguards are adequately designed and operating effectively to prevent impediments to achievement of an entity’s goals.

Audit and Management Services Resources

Request a consultation from University Audit and Management Services — (804) 828-2336.
Request a consultation from Health System Audit and Management Services — (804) 828-0500.

Helpful links

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