Parking & Transportation COVID-19 Updates
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VCU Parking Facility Addresses

8th Street Deck659 N. 8th St.
A Lot15th & Franklin St.
AA Lot817 W. Broad St.
AR Lot663 N. Harrison St.
AR Lot Ext673 N. Harrison St
BB Lot925 W. Grace St.
BC Lot114 W. Canal St.
Biotech Deck600 E Jackson St.
BL Lot101 & 131 W. Cary St.
Bowe St. Deck609 Bowe St.
Broad & Belvidere Deck711 West Marshall St
Coliseum Deck501 N. 7th St.
Colonial Deck14th & Cary St.
D Deck515 N.13th St.
DD Lot1000 W. Franklin St.
EE Lot601 W. Grace St.
F Lot1008 E. Clay St.
FF Lot104 N Morris St
FS LotHibbs Bldg. Alley
G Lot513 N. 11th St.
GG Lot811 Cathedral
GY Lot810 W. Franklin St.
H Deck7th & Franklin St.
HB Lot1201 W. Broad St.
Henry Street Deck East201 Henry Street
Henry Street Deck West 200 Henry Street
HH Lot928 W. Grace St.
I Lot900 N. 7th St.
IT Lot705 W. Broad St
J Lot1008 E. Clay St.
Jackson Center515 N 2nd St.
Jefferson St. Deck100 S. Jefferson St.
JJ Lot325 N. Harrison St.
JL Lot200 W. Cary St.
K Deck311 North 7th Street
L Lot (Larrick Center)800 E. Duval St.
Laurel Street Deck805 W. Grace Street
M Lot501 S. 14th Street
N Deck615 N. 10th St.
O Lot2100 Mecklenburg St
One Cap. Sq. Deck801 East Franklin Street
OO Lot920 W. Franklin St.
P Lot400 N. 11th Street
PA Deck13 N. 5th St
PD Lot3rd & Marshall
PH Lot910 W. Franklin St.
PL Lot900 W. Franklin St.
Q Lot600 N. 10th St.
QQ Lot612 W. Grace St.
R Lot508 S. 14th Street
RMA107 N. 2nd St.
RR Lot324 N Harrison St
RTD Deck300 East Franklin Street
RTD Lot400 East Franklin Street
S Deck5th & Marshall Streets
SC Lot415 W. Broad St.
SF Deck2nd and Franklin
SP Lot1400 W. Broad St.
SS LotGreen Alley Cumberland St.
ST Lot909 W. Franklin St.
T Lot810 E Leigh St
TT Lot1301 Floyd Ave
UU Lot1200 W. Broad St.
VV Lot101 N. Harrison St.
W Deck1 N. 14th Street
WC Lot9 W. Cary Street
West Broad St. Deck1111 W. Broad St.
West Cary St. Deck1201 W. Cary Street
West Main St. Deck801 W. Main St.
WW Lot610-620 N. Lombardy St.
Y Lot909 Oliver Hill Way
YY Lot907 West Marshall St
Z Lot1070 Oliver Hill Way
ZZ Lot620 W. Cary St.

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