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COVID-19 UPDATES: Return to Campus

Links and info for current students (from announcements)

Fall 2020: PAC and SHAFER Hours:

Monday thru Friday: 7AM—10 PM
Saturdays: 8AM—10PM
Sundays: Noon—10 PM

Use of rooms will need to be scheduled within these time frames. Your VCU ID card is needed to gain entry to both buildings during open hours. No entry will be allowed in off hours.

Room Reservations

We all know that this is a strange semester, and our top priority is student & faculty safety! In order to keep track of rooms and cleaning, we ask that everyone schedule any time in rooms outside of classes with the theatre office. **Users are responsible for sanitizing spaces after use.**

Safety Contacts

If you ever have concerns about the facilities being unsanitary or unsafe in any way, please contact Kendra Rai concerning spaces in PAC or Kevin McGranahan concerning spaces in Shafer.


We know this is new territory for us all, and we are all learning to navigate the process of what happens when someone on campus tests positive or has had contact with someone who has tested positive. We are in unprecedented times, and it’s weird and anxiety-producing.

The department wants you to know that VCU is taking this seriously. VCU is working with the Virginia Department of Health on contact tracing and reporting. In order to respect student, faculty, and staff privacy and to make sure that all appropriate safety protocols are followed, all notifications of exposure on campus will come from members of the university or Department of Health (not from department faculty or staff).

This fact is not in department hands–Even if a student discloses medical information to a faculty or staff member (i.e. that they took a positive test or have one pending) and says that it is ok to share, faculty and staff can still NOT share this information, it would be a HIPAA violation. That student should follow the isolation and/or quarantine and testing protocols AND contact the VCU COVID-19 hotline, 1-804MyCOVID or 1-804-692-6843. 

Please check out the FAQs available here–they address class absences and answer some questions about how to handle possible exposure. 

More resources available at the Student University Health Center site too.

As part of its COVID-19 reporting process, students who develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have been contacted by the Health Department must contact the VCU COVID-19 call center at 1-804MyCOVID or 1-804-692-6843. VCU will inform all individuals who need to know of any potential exposure. 

Faculty and staff must follow the same procedures—We are all in this together! The department wants you guys to know that systems are in place behind the scenes—we know it can be hard to wait on information, but you will be notified of any possible exposure on campus through the proper channels. (as long as we all do our part–report and isolate/ quarantine if need be!).

Monologue Resources from Karen Kohlhaas! – read about their member playwrights; these are excellent writers; find those you resonate with, and go to their websites. Often there is a link to buy their produced plays online; some have had productions on Audible that you can download and listen to. – $12/year. Huge archive of current plays and writers. Searchable by age appropriateness, genre, playwright demographics. You can review the plays and you can download many of them. If you spend some regular time finding writers who write good parts for you, you’ll have a collection of great material that no one else has. – 30 day free trial then $10/month. Ebooks of many many plays, and also you can get pdf scripts. Search by playwright, search by title.

Here is a great collection of additional places to read plays for free online:

You can also download free excerpts at Samuel French/ConcordTheatricals andDramatists Play Service, and read the script for free at Playscripts.

NON PLAY RESOURCES: I recommend doing good TV scripts (not famous roles), movies (not famous roles), comedy essays, follow great writers on social media, interviews with fascinating/articulate people; wild cards: Amazon reviews, Best of Craigslist. Make sure you actually have a good monologue there – check for strong beginning/middle/end/climax; don’t get seduced by novelty alone :)”

KAREN KOHLHAAS is an Atlantic Theater Company founding ensemble member, stage director, and senior teacher with over 30 years in the classroom. She is the author of THE MONOLOGUE AUDITION: A Practical Guide for Actors, recommended by Dame Helen Mirren in her Master Class on Acting; and How to Choose a Monologue for Any Audition (now on sale at She was voted Best NYC Monologue Teacher and Best NYC Cold Reading Teacher by Backstage readers. She teaches monologues, cold reading, and advanced scene study.

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