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GOlab Policies and Procedures


We will not resize, color correct, resample, add borders, or check spelling/grammar
The GOlab will print your files as they are submitted, but we will contact you if we see any extreme issues that are immediately noticeable (such as conflicting sizes). We will not edit any files once we receive them. Please check your size, colors, and copy before submitting a file to get the print you want in an efficient amount of time. If you require a white border, it should be added to your file before submission. We recommend first printing a test strip if you have concerns about resolution and color. The GOlab will provide one free test strip per print that can be up to 4″ long and 44″ wide. After the first test strip, the GOlab will charge for additional tests.

Minimum charges and up-charges could occur
For our large-format and fabric printers, we require that the size of the print be at least between 19″ – 21″ (half of our large-format rolls) to avoid an automatic $5.00 up-charge for wasted paper. Risograph prints have a 5 copy minimum per master. Vinyl cuts should be at least one square foot to avoid up-charges for material.

We do not provide finishing on large-format prints
When you pick-up, your file will have crop marks that will show you where to cut your print. There is a large cutting mat in the Open Lab with a large ruler to help you cut.

Check your prints before leaving the GOlab
It is occasionally possible for our inkjet printers, vinyl cutter, and other services to have problems. We work hard to avoid these problems, and will frequently reprint jobs if we notice the issues before pick-up. However, if one slips our notice it is your responsibility to check your prints. If there is a printer error, you must bring back the original print in order to receive a reprint. The GOlab will allow you up to 5 days to return a misprint and receive a reprint free of charge. We will issue a refund only when a reprint is not possible.

If the issue regards a resolution, sizing, color, spelling/grammar error, you are still responsible for the costs of the reprint.

Quotes are estimates
Your final costs may not be the same as your initial quote. At pick-up, a lab assistant will happily break down the math that gave us the final costs of your job.

Accepted forms of payment are either credit/debit card, check or money order.
Please come prepared with the correct form of payment when picking up your project. The GOlab will hold onto your project until payment.

Being Print-Ready

Use only high-resolution images to avoid distorted, pixelated prints.
The GOlab suggests a 300 DPI/PPI resolution to get the best print.

Save your files as PDF
The GOlab requires that all files be submitted as PDF for our large-format and fabric printers (vinyl cutting requires .AI).

The benefits of saving a PDF for print are: 1) All elements are self-contained in the file, including images, fonts, and graphics being automatically included. 2) PDFs can be viewed as they intend to be printed. and 3) PDFS are smaller than working files (the files created by image building programs like .INDD, .PSD, and .AI), and don’t rely on having specific types of software to view.

Design your work at the same size it will be printed
If you want your print to be 18×24, create the file dimensions to be 18×24. The GOlab will not resize files that are incorrect for you.

You may want to add a bleed to help you trim
A bleed allows your file to “bleed” slightly over the dimensions during print so the edges appear even after trim. A bleed cannot be added to a file after it is submitted to us, so it’s best to design with a bleed.

Flatten your files
Whenever possible, please flatten your files and combine all the layers into one. It lowers the amount of data in each file. This will decrease the strain on our printers.

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