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2D / 3D Portfolio Development

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School of the Arts admissions are getting more and more competitive so it is essential that students submit a high quality portfolio. Students will spend time in class and open studio sessions working on an assortment of 2D/3D (Drawing and Sculpture) projects. Experienced portfolio reviewers will hold sessions regarding how best to present portfolios. Student work will be professionally documented, and preserved on CD for them to take home with them. All students will participate in a culminating exhibition.

2D/3D Portfolio Development participants will focus on enhancing their Drawing skills for half of the day and their Sculpture skills the other half of the day throughout the entire Intensive.

Drawing Section

This class focuses upon the fundamental principles of drawing. Through studio instruction and lectures the students will develop the use of basic drawing concepts. The importance of observational drawing will be emphasized to facilitate the understanding of studio work.

Also, students will learn and expand an artistic vocabulary necessary to critique their own work, as well as that of others. This will enable students to engage in-group discussions and exchange ideas during the Summer Intensive.

Contour Drawing and Composition

  • Introduction and exploration of the different practices of contour and “blind” contour drawing
  • Introduction of the significance of composition in work
  • Exploration of positive/negative space and planar relationships


  • Explanation of the various uses of value: implied space and volume through light, shadow, and texture
  • Discussion of the importance of how light and dark are used in compositions
  • Application of these drawing concepts to various still lifes

Perspective and Scale

  • Introduction and practice of one, two, and three point perspective
  • Combination of contour drawing, planar relationships, and composition with perspective
  • Discussion of how scale affects compositions
  • Work with various objects to explore relations of scale

Introduction to Life Drawing/Gesture Drawing from Life

  • Explanation of methods of gesture drawing relative to life drawing
  • Discussion of movement, rhythm, and position relevant to drawing from life
  • Students begin to use proper proportions relevant to human anatomy

Basics of Figure Drawing

  • Applying ideas of gesture drawing to represent human anatomy
  • Work with model to depict body structure, mass, and volume

Sculpture Section

Students will explore sculptural form through hands-on studio projects as well as instructor-led demonstrations, lectures, and studio guidance. Building skills are emphasized along with critical observation and discussion. Throughout the building process students will learn important problem solving skills as well as creative idea development.

Additive and Subtractive Processes

  • Creation of form though additive processes (combining and adhering)
  • Creation of form through subtractive processes (cutting, carving, and sanding)


  • Exploration of volume and dimension
  • Exploration of forms in space
  • Exploration of forms in relation to one another (composition)


  • Introduction to surface application
  • How surface meets form
  • Local color vs. applied color


  • Experimentation in variation of scale


  • Polystyrene foam (form)
  • Paper (surface)
  • Paint (color)


  • Idea generation
  • Evolution of idea in relation to materials and process
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