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Digital Photography

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This course presents the concepts, techniques, and processes of digital photography, including visualizing, capturing, scanning, computer manipulation, and printing. Throughout the course, we will engage with methods and issues of digital imaging and its incorporation into visual art and photography.

We will explore not only the technical possibilities of digital photography, but also the conceptual potential and dialogue that is inherent to this evolving form. Equal emphasis will be placed on both location and studio based photography practices, exploring both still life and portraiture within these areas.

We will build a workflow around Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom in order to understand the basics of non-destructive retouching, color management, and file management. No prior experience with this software is required.

We will study the recent history of lens based artists, and draw inspiration and motivation for our own visual inquiries. Students are expected to dedicate a large portion of their time on individual interests and where these specific interests can intersect with digital photography. A successful student will emerge with truly distinct work based on their own research. My goal as an instructor of this course, in addition to teaching technical skill and background concepts, is to serve as an artistic mentor who aids in students’ inspiration, motivation, and excitement of their own unique ideas.

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