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Interior Design

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Interior designers impact the buildings we experience every day — developing strategies that shape spatial volumes, determine circulation, and communicate the sights, smells, sounds, and tactile qualities that inform people’s experiences within these buildings.Interior designers create spaces for people, experiences, moments, and activities. Interior designers learn to observe, to question, to draw, to build models, and to develop our ideas so that they can be built to benefit our communities.

In this three-week course, you will learn some of the basic skills used by interior designers. Guest speakers will share experiences and designs with you while we tour some of their local Richmond projects. Hands-on activities will help you to learn design principles and fundamentals as well as improve your drawing skills and increase your understanding of how pattern, color, shape, and history play important roles in a design process. What is the history of design? What is the future of design?

In addition to guest speakers and site visits, this course will include regular sketching at locations within walking distance of VCU with instruction on how to draw form, shape, perspective, and texture. This instruction will also include simple drafting and touch on the basics of floor plans and other architectural drawings. The historic Fan District (home to VCU) will serve as our extended classroom and students will have the opportunity to learn about not only the Fan’s architecture but the rich history that shaped it. Students will also get to visit the VCU Materials Lab, Craft + Materials Studios, Cabell Library, and the Scott House.

This course requires a curious and energetic student that is interested in design, history, craft, and how the built environment can impact our daily lives.No prior knowledge or experience of interior design or its technologies are required. Students will be working with pen, pencil, watercolors, and simple modeling tools and materials.

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