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Virtualization is a hot topic these days. From The Matrix to the Mac, virtualization is a topic that many want to know more about. Is it useful?  What does it cost?  What the heck is it? We first looked at virtualization as a desktop appliance at the 2010 Tech Fair. If you want to review that discussion the clip is available here. We revisit virtualization with a closer look at App2Go and the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) project that VCU Technology Services has underway. We first spoke with Tonie Ellerson who manages the App2Go service which provides statistical packages for the VCU  community in a virtual environment. Next up was Buddy Bishop who is the project lead for VCL at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Check out the video below to learn more about these services and don’t forget to stop by the VCU Technology Services YouTube channel for more videos. Also, follow us on Twitter to keep up on the technology happenings at VCU.

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