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[10/18/10 – 11:22 p.m. – This entry was updated to correct errors with regards to requesting a blog for personal versus departmental use. – SK]

What do you want to talk about today? Do you like gardening? How about Harry Potter or the new Ford Mustang? Perhaps the new My Chemical Romance album is more your taste. Need a departmental page that lets you communicate directly with your audience? Want to do it in more than a few hundred characters? Okay, enough with the questions. We have many communication tools available in our digital world today and we usually need every one of them to communicate with our distributed audiences with whom we want to have a conversation. Twitter is good at 140 characters. Texting is about the same. Facebook gives you 420 characters to get your message out.  Brevity in communication is important but sometimes you need, or want, to say more. With that in mind, VCU Technology Services provides the VCU Blog service to the university community. A blog can be departmental or personal. Any faculty, student, or staff member can log in and start a personal webpage about what they want to talk about. Departments and schools can request a blog to be established. This separate process for departments and schools is to ensure that their blogs are not tied to a specific eID. Here are some examples of webpages that have been created with VCU Blog: 

A list of most blogs originating from the VCU Blog service is available via the A to Z index. This list does not include personal blogs except where they relate specifically to University topics. Web Services endeavors to keep this list as up to date as possible. 

Lots of pages on lots of subjects. What page are you going to start today? Log in here to get started on a personal blog or request one today for your department or school.
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