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Human Services interviews come in all different shapes and sizes – one-on-one, phone, skype, group, project-based, etc. Similar to what you would experience while working for a nonprofit or social services group, one must always expect the unexpected. Depending on the size of the organization, you can expect one to two interviews before receiving a job offer.

If you’ve never interviewed before, explore the interviewing page to learn the basics of a successful interview. Nearly all interviews contain two parts, common questions about your past experience and situation-based questions to gauge your fit for the position. Afterward, you’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions of the interviewer.

While you can’t control the interview format, you should be prepared to speak about your relevant skills and experiences. Take some time to reflect on what you’ve done and how you can fill this organization’s need. How would you answer these sample interview questions?

  • So why are you interested in working for a nonprofit?
  • Describe a situation where you had to work with people from different cultures, what was that experience like?
  • How will you manage volunteers successfully who are much older and more experienced than you?
  • What experience do you have fundraising or grant writing?
  • What techniques do you use in crisis intervention work?
  • What populations are you most comfortable working with and why?
  • How do you go about locating community resources in a neighborhood in which you have no relationships?
  • In your opinion, what are the greatest challenges/barriers to the population that this organization serves?


You’ll feel more comfortable during your interview with a little practice first. InterviewStream is web-based video interface that allows you to respond to a series pre-recorded interview questions from your computer. Afterward, you will be able to review your recording to see how you did.

To access InterviewStream, log in to your Handshake account and click the InterviewStream button.

Practice interviews

Got an interview coming up? Practice with one of our career advisors. Schedule a one-hour practice interview and we will show you how to answer likely interview questions and offer tips to help you make an excellent impression.

To schedule a practice interview, call 804-828-1645 or log in to Handshake. Be sure to bring your resume and a copy of the job description with you to your mock interview.

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