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Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention


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The Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention (CCEP) at Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Psychology, was established in 2001 to conduct research and provide innovative, evidenced-based programs and interventions to reduce health disparities and promote healthy youth, families and communities.

Under the leadership of Faye Z. Belgrave, Ph.D., the Center develops and evaluates programs that are sensitive to cultural and community needs. The Center has a focus on research and programs that reduce health disparities and increase health equities among African Americans and other health disparity populations.

The Center works closely with community partners to conduct research and programs in areas related to (a) the prevention of risky sexual behaviors and drug use and abuse; (b) addressing cultural, psychosocial and behavioral contributions to health outcomes (e.g., cancer, tobacco, cardiovascular disease, etc.); and (c) the promotion of social and psychological well-being.

Another focus of the Center is to train students in conducting culturally informed and community-engaged research.

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