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Since we have Google as our default system at VCU, here are some resources related to deploying your online content.

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Uploading Videos to your YouTube - So a lot of what we are needing to do involves providing online video content to our students. Independent of how the video is recorded (Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Google Meet, Facebook, etc.), we will need to eventually upload it somewhere so the students can get access to it. As part of your email account, you also have your own private YouTube channel! Congratulations, you are an internetainer... To access your account, log into your email and then select the application menu from the upper right corner of the screen.  Scroll down a bit and select YouTube. This will open your own Channel.  In the upper right corner, there is an icon of a camera, if you select it, it will give you the option to upload a video. Follow the dialog box and grab your video that was saved to your machine.  In this example, it was the video of our Virtual Faculty Meeting.  Once you select the video, it will give you several options including: Giving the video a name and description. Adding the video to a PlayList.  What I find helpful is to make a playlist for each class (e.g., ENVS 222 ePortfolios, ENVS 543 Data Literacy, etc.).  This allows you to group videos together under a single playlist for students. Set the visibility of the video, which determines who can see it.  By default, all videos are Private.  However, for our purposes, we typically want to share videos with a subset of individuals.  If you select Unlisted, this allows you to grab the address of the video and share it with your students but it will not be accessible to anyone who does not have the link.  If you want it to be available globally, select Public and people searching Google & YouTube will be able to find it based upon… Read More
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