Title page for Merlins [View Image]
Lady Hawk in the Big City - The story and condition of the smallest of raptors, the Merlin (Falco columbarius), historically known as the "Lady Hawk."  In this story map, Taia Blizard gives an overview of Merlin nesting in urban areas. Read More
Title Slide for Growing Populations, Growing Conflict [View Image]
Growing Populations, Growing Conflict - This story map details the consequence of Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus) population growth in the Anthropocene.  This work was developed as part of ENVS491: Raptor Ecology by Gus Rasich. Read More
Anna Mika's Title Slide for ESRI Conferene [View Image]
Flood Risk & Sea Level Rise - Ms. Anna Mika used GIS to spatially analyze which built assets would be at the greatest risk in Norfolk in the even of sea level rise.  She gave this as a presentation at the ESRI Conference in Washington DC.  The full Storymap presentation can be found here, and the website she created that explains this project in detail can be found here.   Read More
Title to Archie's Story [View Image]
Archie’s Story - Jesse Boardman created a narrative around the lifecycle of a single Harrier, named Archie.  This story map was created as a part of ENVS 491: Raptor Ecology. Read More
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