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Dean and Senior Leadership


jennifer malat [View Image]

Jennifer Malat, Ph.D.

Job title: Dean
Telephone: (804) 828-8295
Location: 828 W. Franklin St.

As dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences, Dean Malat is charged with the continued implementation of the CHS strategic plan to bring distinction to the College through outstanding achievements and successes of its faculty and students.

Associate Deans

faye belgrave [View Image]

Faye Z. Belgrave, Ph.D.

Job title: Interim associate dean for equity and community partnerships
Works for: Dean's Office

As the interim associate dean for equity and community partnerships, Belgrave is responsible for the development and implementation of a plan for improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the College. In addition, she is responsible for elevating and promoting the College's community-engaged research and teaching.

sally hunnicutt [View Image]

Sally Hunnicutt, Ph.D.

Job title: Area B associate dean (sciences and mathematics)
Works for: Dean's Office

Dr. Hunnicutt is responsible for supporting the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Military Science and Leadership, Physics and Statistical Sciences and Operations Research, plus the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture during the period when Dr. Messner is the director of the school.

Joshua Langberg [View Image]

Joshua Langberg, Ph.D.

Job title: Associate dean for research and operations
Telephone: (804) 827-0860
Location: 828 W. Franklin St., Room 218
Works for: Dean's Office

Dr. Langberg is responsible for fostering the development and growth of research and scholarship in the College.

James Mays [View Image]

James Mays, Ph.D.

Job title: Associate dean for undergraduate academic affairs
Telephone: (804) 827-8211
Location: 827 W. Franklin St., Room 110
Works for: Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Dean's Office

As associate dean for undergraduate academic affairs, Dr. Mays has a particular interest in, and places high priority on student success and curricular development/reform within the College.

Marcus Messner [View Image]

Marcus Messner, Ph.D.

Job title: Associate dean for area A (humanities and social sciences)
Telephone: (804) 827-0252
Location: 901 W. Main St., Room 2216
Works for: Dean's Office

Dr. Messner is responsible for supporting the Departments of African American Studies, English, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, History, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and the School of World Studies.

Special Assistant to the Dean

Sarah Golding [View Image]

Sarah Golding, Ph.D.

Job title: Special assistant for experiential learning
Telephone: (804) 828-3598
Works for: Sponsored Programs, Dean's Office

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