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Primary Sites

Primary Sites

The following are the primary training sites for the residency programs. Each primary site serves as the “home-base” for one PGY-1 Community-based Pharmacy resident where the resident does the majority of their training. Three of the primary sites are in Richmond, Virginia, another is located approximately 1 hour away in Charlottesville, Virginia, another is located approximately 2 hours away in Norfolk, Virginia and the last located approximately 3 hours away in Roanoke, Virginia.

Bremo Pharmacy

Bremo Pharmacies, an independent community pharmacy leader in Richmond, Virginia for over 40 years offers three practice sites, each with a unique and diverse set of opportunities. Bremo’s retail location offers comprehensive medication therapy management (MTM), travel health consultations, immunizations, and non-sterile compounding. Our other retail site is located at Henrico Doctors Hospital. The resident will have specific opportunities in women’s health, bedside delivery and transitions of care. Bremo LTC serves a diverse group of patients, including children, young adults, and senior citizens. Our resident is involved with diabetes management, medication therapy management as well as continuing education for staff at our LTC facilities. Our resident participates in innovative services at all of our locations including practice-based research, collaborative practice program development, pharmacogenetic testing and health / wellness screenings. Residents are directly involved with the development of new programs and services, including disease, health, and wellness management. Residents also participate in coordinating the diabetes module for our long-term care facility training program and teach lectures in our Board of Pharmacy recognized Pharmacy Technician Training Course. Residents will precept APPE / IPPE students throughout the year. Residents develop strong skills in conceptualizing, planning, developing, and providing patient care services in the community. Bremo Pharmacy prides itself on creating an environment that develops our residents to be future leaders in the profession of pharmacy.


Site Coordinator/Primary Preceptor:

Tana Kaefer, Pharm.D.

Former Residents:

  • Emily Kennell, Pharm.D. (Medical University of South Carolina)
  • Adam Foster, Pharm.D. (West Virginia University)
  • Gabriella Pepe, Pharm.D. (Northeastern University)
  • Anisha Doshi, Pharm.D. (University of Illinois- Chicago)
  • Toni Larson, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Caroline Griggs, Pharm.D. (Medical University of South Carolina)
  • Corey Lester, Pharm.D., Ph.D. (University of Rhode Island, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Leah Belcher Argie, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Jennifer Helmke, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Casey Valiente, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Kerri Musselman, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Natasha Edmondson, Pharm.D. (Howard University)
  • Kristin Kouski Francis, Pharm.D. (West Virginia University)
  • Jennifer Risley, Pharm.D. (University of Tennessee)
  • Tana Kaefer, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)


Buford Road Pharmacy

Buford Road Pharmacy is an independent site with a healthy living center that offers a coumadin clinic, routine and travel vaccines, travel consultations, medication therapy management (MTM), diabetes screenings, cholesterol screenings, and blood pressure screenings in addition to education and monitoring. Compounding and durable medical equipment specialists are also on site for consultation. As a Buford Road Pharmacy resident, you actively arrange and participate in all activities. Your responsibilities as a resident include screening, education, and dosage adjustments of coumadin; administering and counseling on routine and travel vaccinations; performing screenings and providing the appropriate education; participating in community health fairs and health screenings; and precepting students. Buford Road Pharmacy serves mainly a suburban community.


Site Coordinator/Primary Preceptor:

Joseph Jadallah, Pharm.D.

Former Residents:

  • Nahed Elias, Pharm.D. (Notre Dame of Maryland University)
  • Raquel Upshur, Pharm.D. (The Ohio State University)
  • Jeffrey Walker, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Kristyn Williamson, Pharm.D. (University of Minnesota)
  • Meagan Williams Bedwick, Pharm.D. (Wilkes-Barre University)
  • Ben Brocious, Pharm.D. (Ohio Northern University)
  • Sarah Kraszeski Milam, Pharm.D. (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
  • Megan Stoiber Pierce, Pharm.D. (University of Mississippi)
  • Gretchen Kreckel Garofoli, Pharm.D. (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Kelly Rea Oliver, Pharm.D. (Drake University)
  • Tyler Stevens, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Kushal Shah, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Holly Hurley, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Angela Dyer, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Betsy Elswick, Pharm.D. (West Virginia University)
  • Allison Wixted, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Kroger Pharmacy - Richmond

Kroger Pharmacy offers a community-based pharmacy residency that provides an opportunity to enhance your clinical and professional skills by offering a variety of hands-on wellness and medication therapy management services. Clinical services include patient and employee health screenings, health coaching programs, medication therapy management, and disease-state-specific grocery store food tours. Our ambulatory care services focus mainly on the prevention and management of diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. Various routine and travel health immunizations are offered at all Kroger Pharmacy locations. The resident will be involved with teaching opportunities in the community-based with Kroger Pharmacy’s Diabetes Care Team and through participation with health fairs and off-site vaccination clinics. Residents have many opportunities to provide direct patient care, and will interact with other division members of the clinical pharmacy team. Seasonally, the resident will assist with managing off-site flu clinics and Medicare Part D selection assistance. Residents will spend one half-day per week in an ambulatory care clinic setting. In addition, residents have the opportunity to precept and teach pharmacy students, conduct a research project, write articles for publication in collaboration with VCU faculty, and develop and implement new or expanded clinical services. Kroger has 17 pharmacies in Richmond and 8 pharmacies in the Tidewater/Virginia Beach area in the same district for which the resident will provide clinical services.

Site Coordinator/Primary Preceptor:

Anne Harrison, Pharm.D., MS, BCACP

Former Residents:

  • Alexis Page, Pharm.D. (The Ohio State University)
  • Lauren Fox, Pharm.D. (Shenandoah University)
  • Chloe Schafer, Pharm.D. (University of Texas-Austin)
  • Jessica McDaniel, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Janet Strain, Pharm.D. (Midwestern University – Downer’s Grove)
  • Andrea Brookhart, Pharm.D. (University of Toledo)
  • Lauren Caldas, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Mia Ferrentino, Pharm.D. (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy)
  • Neetha Veerabhadrappa, Pharm.D. (Shenandoah University)
  • Erin Briggs, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Ron Gregory, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Kroger Pharmacy - Roanoke

The Kroger Roanoke site consists of a district area with 23 pharmacies, spanning the Roanoke and New River Valleys to WV and the Tri-Cities of TN, for which the resident will provide clinical services. While at the site, the resident will enhance clinical and professional skills by providing a variety of hands-on wellness and medication therapy management services. Clinical services include employee health screenings, health coaching programs, medication therapy management, and disease-state-specific grocery store food tours. These services focus mainly on the management and prevention of dyslipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes. Kroger has added interventions and services within workflow such as an integrated MTM platform within our pharmacy software and medication synchronization. It is the goal of Kroger Pharmacy to provide the best patient care in community pharmacy and help patients achieve better health outcomes and improve their overall wellness. The Kroger Mid-Atlantic division office is located in Roanoke, giving the resident ample opportunities to interact with other divisional members of the clinical and operational pharmacy teams. The resident will also be involved in coordinating and executing dozens of off-site immunization clinics throughout the year. One half-day per week will be spent in an ambulatory care clinic setting. In Roanoke, that is the Bradley Free Clinic which provides free compassionate and high quality medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and preventive health care services for Roanoke Valley residents who lack the resources necessary to maintain their health. The resident will have the opportunity to follow patients longitudinally at the clinic as he/she will act as the case manager for patients enrolled in the diabetes care program. Residency at the Roanoke site includes work at a travel health immunization pharmacy and the opportunity to operate within the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation standards. In collaboration with the site coordinator, a variety of occasions will be available to coach and train pharmacists and technicians throughout the district. In addition, residents have the opportunity to precept and teach pharmacy students, conduct a research project, write articles for publication in collaboration with VCU faculty, and develop and implement new or expanded clinical services.

Site Coordinator/Primary Preceptor:

Morgan Grant, Pharm.D.

Former Residents:

  • Chelsea Sprouse, Pharm.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Morgan Grant, Pharm.D. (Appalachian College of Pharmacy)
  • Ivy Lio, Pharm.D. (University of North Carolina)

Publix Pharmacy

Publix Pharmacy offers a community-based pharmacy residency that provides a diverse experience which includes all facets of the community pharmacy practice: community, travel health, immunizations, patient-care and specialty pharmacy. The resident will work at the primary Publix location in Richmond, our travel health clinic in Glen Allen, VA and 2 months at our Specialty Pharmacy in Orlando, FL. The resident may also travel to stores located throughout the district including areas in the greater Richmond area, including Midlothian, Henrico, Chesterfield, Mechanicsville, Fredericksburg or Williamsburg, VA.  This community-based residency program requires eligibility for licensure in Virginia and Florida.

While working at the primary site in Richmond, the resident will enhance their clinical skills to provide innovative services, such as medication therapy management and biometric health screenings to optimize the health and wellness of our patients. These services focus on prevention of diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome, as well as others disease states.  Residents will leverage technology to expand patient care programs, conduct medication reviews, MTM sessions, detect intervention opportunities, and offer patient education while participating in a dispensing pharmacist role. By offering innovative services such as Med Sync and how to use the Publix Pharmacy App to manage refills and set medication reminders, this will allow the resident to work directly with patients on medication adherence. 

Residents will develop skills required to effectively manage a community pharmacy and exercise the leadership skills needed in a community pharmacy practice.  In addition, residents will experience the collaborative role a pharmacist plays on a multi-disciplinary team, provide evidence-based education to patients, community and healthcare professionals, and gain business and managerial tools associated with operating a regional pharmacy chain. The resident will contribute skills and knowledge to other pharmacy professionals including pharmacists, student pharmacists, and other health care professionals.

In Orlando, FL, the resident will have the opportunity to interact with patients in our Specialty, Patient Care and Central Pharmacy. Publix Specialty pharmacy focuses on disease states such as Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Chron’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Cardiology, and Hepatitis C.  Residents can expect to be part of the specialty patient’s onboarding program that includes everything patients need to begin their treatment.  At the Publix Patient Care Center, the resident will gain knowledge on how to optimize clinical services offered to Publix Pharmacy customers through targeted patient outreach as well as coordination with local stores to perform functions including Medication Therapy Management (MTM).  At the Central Pharmacy, the Resident will see the support Publix retail pharmacies receive in a variety of facets including work load balancing, prior authorization support as well as through a state-of-the-art Central Fill facility that uses cutting edge technology to fill prescriptions that are ultimately dispensed at the retail location.

The resident will research and contribute to gain skills and knowledge by identifying a practice-based project and develop written, verbal, and presenting of published materials significant to the community-based practice.   

Site Coordinator/Primary Preceptor:

Jeff Schmift, Pharm.D.


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