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Compass Web Framework

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The footer component, located at the bottom of each page on your site, provides global site and resource links for visitors. VCU’s Web Standards require each site to include contact information and certain links, and these are typically located in the footer.


Example of the Compass Footer component [View Image]

Code reference

When to use

The footer component is required for every site and must have content in the left-hand column. There are two other optional columns available. 

Left column (mandatory)

Middle column (optional)

Right column (optional)

Below the three columns, all footers have a horizontal line of text that includes:

How to use

Adding content to the footer

Adding social media links



Accessibility considerations

The majority of the footer content type has been developed to meet accessibility standards. However, you'll need to ensure that any content entered into the middle column meets web accessibility standards.

Quick links

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