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Compass Web Framework

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General content 

Also known as: Primary content

The general content component is the backbone of most sites. It is used to build the body of a page, including headers, paragraph text, lists, tables, block quotes and images.


An example of the WYSIWYG General Content Component [View Image]

Code reference

When to use

The general content component is the most-used content type in T4, and houses the main information of a page. Use this component for any content (text or image) that does not otherwise belong in a callout, accordion, hero or modal.

How to use



The general content component must have a name and it must include some content inside the WYSIWYG.

Accessibility considerations

It’s important to keep web accessibility standards in mind while creating general content. This includes creating accessible links with contextual titles and using appropriate heading structures to ensure maximum readability for screen readers.

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