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University Counseling Services (UCS) provides clinical training for MSW students in the Department of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University. This is a competitive process and a placement is not guaranteed. The major emphasis of this training is in the area of clinical services. UCS provides intermediate to advanced training on counseling individual students with various clinical presentations and from diverse backgrounds. Trainees are also involved in group therapy as group process observers and speaking co-leaders. UCS provides training and experience in crisis intervention, consultation, and outreach. Social Work Interns make a commitment for two consecutive semesters at UCS. Interns are expected to participate in USC Training Orientation, weekly Training Seminar meetings, and weekly Clinical Disposition Team meetings at UCS.

Average Activity per Week

Direct Services

  • Individual and couples therapy: 7 - 9 hours
  • Group therapy: 2 hours
  • RAM (initial contact) and crisis coverage: 2 hours

Administrative Time

  • Staff meeting: 1 hour (twice per month)


  • Individual supervision: 1.5 hours
  • Supervision of group therapy: 1.5 hours


  • Training seminar: 2 hours
  • Social work seminar: 1 hour (twice per month)
  • Friday Clinical Consult Team meetings: 1 hour
  • Clinical Disposition Team meetings: 0.5 hour

It should be noted that these numbers represent weekly averages. Actual time spent in many activities varies with the ebb and flow of clinical demands during the academic year.

Evaluation of Social Work Interns involves completion of the evaluation forms utilized by UCS and the department of Social Work. Social Work Interns are provided verbal feedback about their progress at mid-semester and written feedback at the end of each semester. A copy of the UCS written evaluation will be provided to the department. All evaluation forms will be placed in the Social Work Intern's file.

To avoid ethical issues due to dual relationships, UCS does not accept individuals for UCS graduate clinical training in our Social Work internship program who have received clinical services at UCS.

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