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Keys To Stress Management

This online module is designed to teach you about stress, help you learn how to recognize the signs that you’re stressed, and identify effective ways to manage and cope with stress.

Coping With Overwhelming Feelings

This online module is designed to teach you skills and help you create an individualized coping plan for the next time you become overwhelmed.

Stress Anxiety Pamphlet

10 helpful stress and anxiety management techniques to help you cope.

End Of Semester Stress

Tips to make it through the end of the semester stress that comes with finals or other high-stress moments in your life!

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Tips on how to reduce and manage test anxiety.  Includes strategies to use before and during your exams to help you overcome test anxiety.

Managing Stress – By Brainsmart

This short video helps explain how stress works and provides some helpful tips to manage stress.

Online Relaxation Exercises  - Audio Files Only

From All About - This link will provide helpful information about the benefits of relaxation exercises and provide a variety of different relaxation exercises to try!

Meditation Guidance Website gives you the option of 2-, 10-, or 20-minute guided session with your choice of scenery and music. There is also a free app available for iPhones.

Video For Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

From - This relaxation exercises involves gradually tensing and relaxing muscles throughout your body.

Nutrition And Stress

Provides helpful hints on how to combat anxiety and stress with good nutrition.

Sleep Guide and Sleep Hygiene

Provides information on the importance of sleep and how to get back into a regular sleep routine.

Halfofus.Com Anxiety Page

Half of Us is an initiative of mtvU and The Jed Foundation to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues on campus and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help. This link provides resources and stories of people who have struggled with Anxiety and other mental health problems.

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