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Planning administration document library

Locality nameSubjectLink
City of SalemVariance applicationView online
Town of AbingdonBZA bylawsDownload file
Town of AbingdonVariance applicationView online
City of HarrisonburgVariance applicationView online
City of HarrisonburgRezoning applicationView online
FluvannaRezoning applicationDownload file
Fluvanna CountyVariance applicationDownload file
Fluvanna CountyBZA bylawsDownload file
CIty of HarrisonburgBZA bylawsDownload file
DinwiddieBZA bylawsView online
Dinwiddie Variance application View online 
Fairfax CountyBZA bylawsDownload file
Fairfax CountyVariance applicationView online
Isle of Wight CountyAnnual reportDownload file
Isle of Wight CountyRezoning applicationDownload file
PortsmouthPlanning commission bylawsDownload file
PortsmouthAnnual reportDownload file
PortsmouthRezoning applicationDownload file
PortsmouthMeeting agendaDownload file
Fairfax CountyRezoning applicationView online
Fairfax CountyMeeting agendaView online
Fairfax CountyPlanning commission bylawsView online
AmherstRezoning applicationDownload file
AmherstAnnual reportDownload file
Amherst CountyPlanning commission bylawsDownload file
Amherst CountyMeeting agendaDownload file
City of SuffolkBZA bylawsView online
City of SuffolkVariance applicationDownload file
Town of OccoquanRezoning applicationDownload file
Town of OccoquanMeeting agenda Download file 
City of ChesapeakeMeeting agendaView online
City of FairfaxBZA bylawsView online
James City CountyMeeting agendaView online
James City CountyAnnual reportView online
James City CountyRezoning applicationView online
James City CountyPlanning commission bylawsView online
LovettsvilleRezoning applicationView online
LovettsvilleMeeting agendaView online
Newport News Variance application View online 
Newport News Annual report View online 
Town of Blacksburg Rezoning application View online 
Northampton CountyMeeting agendaView online
Northampton CountyAnnual reportView online
Shenandoah CountyAnnual reportView online
Shenandoah CountyRezoning applicationView online
Shenandoah CountyVariance applicationView online
BlacksburgAnnual reportView online

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