Center for Urban and Regional Analysis

A division of the L. Douglas Wilder School of government and Public affairs
Sarin Adhikari, Ph.D. [View Image]

Sarin Adhikari

Research Economist

Kearney House, Room 308 Phone: (804) 828-1989 Email: View more


  • Regional Economic Development
  • Metropolitan Governance
  • Formal modeling and GIS
Michael MacKenzie [View Image]

Mike MacKenzie

Research Associate

Kearney House, Room 307 Phone: (804) 828-7787 Email: View more


  • Housing Analysis
  • Fair Housing Policy
  • Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization
Gregory Wingfield [View Image]

Gregory Wingfield

Business Developer

Starke House, Room 103 Phone: (804) 827-3514 Email: View more


  • Economic development marketing
  • Export Services
  • Economic development fundraising/strategic planning
Thomas Jacobson [View Image]

Thomas Jacobson

Adjunct professor and researcher

Phone: (804) 754-6161 Email: View more


  • Land use planning and analysis
  • Urban/suburban revitalization and redevelopment
  • Neighborhood and comprehensive planning
[View Image]

I-Shian (Ivan) Suen

Associate Professor

Bowe House, Room 102 Phone: (804) 828-2721 Email: View more


  • Land use planning
  • Planning support systems
  • Applications of geospatial technologies for data analysis and visualization
Meghan Gough [View Image]

Meghan Gough

Associate Professor, Chair - Urban and Regional Planning/Studies

Scherer Hall, Room 517 Phone: (804) 827-0869 Email: View more


  • Plan-making
  • Civic engagement and collective impact
  • Sustainable communities
Elsie Harper-Anderson [View Image]

Elsie Harper-Anderson

Assistant Professor

Scherer Hall, Room 513 Phone: (804) 828-7390 Email: View more


  • Economic development
  • Workforce development
  • Entrepreneurship
Kathryn Howell [View Image]

Kathryn Howell

Assistant Professor

Scherer Hall, Room 511 Phone: (804) 828-7564 Email: View more


  • Affordable housing
  • Community development
  • Gentrification
James Smither [View Image]

James Smither


Kearney House, Room 306 Phone: (202) 701-8745 Email: View more


  • Urban design theory
  • Urban design practice
  • Urban design skills
[View Image]

John Accordino


Email: View more


  • Commercial and neighborhood revitalization methods
  • Impacts of community revitalization policies
  • Comparative (U.S. and European) urban revitalization policies
[View Image]

Brittany Keegan, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Outreach, Center for Public Policy

Kearney House, Room 201 Phone: 804-827-3404 Email: View more


  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Gender-based violence
  • Qualitative research methods
[View Image]

Devin Zimmerman

Research Assistant

Kearney House, Room 307 Email: View more


  • Economic impact analysis

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