Our Action

Our Action: What We Are Doing

What We’ve Accomplished

  • Appointment of a DEI Officer 
  • Publish a school-level DEI statement
  • Curricular changes with an inclusion emphasis - Mandatory D2 course, Reducing Bias in Healthcare: Improving Patient Outcomes, was incorporated into DENS 603 - Foundations of Effective Interpersonal Skills during Patient Interactions II Fall 2020.
  • Pre-doctoral admissions committee has completed diversity training with the VCU Office of Inclusive Excellence course, Cultivating Inclusive Workplaces.
  • DEI Syllabus Statement - Incorporated a renewed commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion syllabus statement for all courses and clinics. 
  • Launch of a Dental Public Health D4 Selective - With special emphasis on the Epidemiology of COVID19, Teledentistry, Social Determinants of Health, & Health Equity
  • Approval of a mandatory SOD Dental Public Health course
  • Inaugural Inclusive Excellence Week held October 19th-23rd 2020


Where We Are Going

  • Current work is underway for a formal DEI strategic plan. 

This strategic plan will help drive efforts in a myriad of ways. DEI initiatives touch nearly every facet of our SOD community, including but not limited to: 

    • Policies Review
    • Admissions (predoctoral, dental hygiene, advanced education and PhD)
    • Curriculum
    • Staff and Faculty Education
    • Health Disparities Curriculum & Research
  • Current work is also underway for a monthly diversity dialogues conversation series
  • Current work is underway to develop a DEI yearly award for students, faculty and staff that most embodies a commitment to DEI values and principles.