Students in Capstone

The Capstone program provides students with a wide range of diverse skills tailored to the real-world job experience.

These include:

  • Teamwork–all Capstone projects present the student the challenge of working in a multidisciplinary team environment, providing experience in collaborative work to identify and achieve a common goal. Students learn the fundamentals of team dynamics, taking advantage of individual members strengths and conflict resolution
  • Application of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge, plus skills in conceptualization, design, and simulation which in the aggregate prepare students for the modern engineering workplace
  • Identification of problem to be solved, setting milestones and project deliverables, and realistic constraints (such as economics, environmental, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability)
  • Understanding of professional and ethical issues, plus contemporary issues that can impact engineering problems
  • Designing and conducting experiments plus gathering, analyzing and interpreting data
  • Design processes, use of CAD and modeling software
  • Professional communication–students prepare and get approved project proposals, budgets, project notebooks, progress reports, and presentations (including Capstone Design Expo)

Virginia Commonwealth University

College of Engineering

601 West Main Street
Box 843068
Richmond, Virginia 23284-3068

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