• Address the grid data challenge by investigating statistical properties of realistic grids and developing a generative model to build appropriate synthetic grid test cases.
  • Produce power grid test cases with salable network size featuring the same kind of small-world topology and electrical characteristics found in realistic grids.

Project 1 [View Image]
  • Study the uncertainty modeling of renewable generation and smart grid loads.
  • Examine their impacts on grid vulnerability to cascading failures.
  • Explore optimal approaches to encourage renewable integration by using energy storage, smart grid technology, and demand controls.

Project 2 [View Image]
  • Study the impacts of distributed generation of renewable energy on the distribution network.
  • Identify the optimal placement of DG regarding both siting and sizing, and evaluate the maximum penetration threshold.
  • Examine the interdependence of local renewable source and load profiles, and determine the optimal approaches of voltage and frequency controls.

project 3 [View Image]
  • Explore the optimal load scheduling in the presence of dynamic electricity pricing in a distribution network with locally available solar PV or wind-base renewable generation.
  • Reduce the electricity cost and encourage installation of distributed renewables with consideration of power quality constraints and customer convenience.
Project 4 [View Image]
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