Graduate Students

Sarah Saunders [View Image]

Sarah Saunders

Ph.D. Student, joined Fall 2017

Sarah is a Virginia native who graduated from VCU in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. She currently heads the experimental portion of the ETM3 lab which deals with tissue culture, bioreactor development and in vivo experiments. This year she has been investigating the effects of ECM density on the inflammatory foreign body reaction in rats.

Johane H. Bracamonte B. [View Image]

Johane H. Bracamonte B.

Ph.D. Student, joined Spring 2018

Johane is MSc on Mechanical Engineering with academic and research experience in numerical modeling of engineering systems and processes with mathematical background on finite elements, numerical methods and its applications on applied continuum mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics.

Federica Potere [View Image]

Federica Potere

M.S. student, joined Spring 2019 (with Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italia)

Federica has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2017. She is currently pursuing a Master of Sciences in Biomechanics and Biomaterials. Since March, she is conducting research on Mechanical stimulation of engineered tissues in bioprinted silicone scaffolds and its synergy with scaffold micro-architecture. This research is part of her Master’s Degree.

DURI Fellows

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Jenna Gaspar

MNE senior


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Lindsay Jordan

MNE senior


VIP Undergraduate Researchers

Sam Cole [View Image]

Sam Cole

MNE, joined Fall 2018

Sam is a student studying Mechanical Engineering at VCU. He is apart of the VIP research team working on the ETM3 lab, and the VIP student leader in the lab. Sam hopes to continue his education after getting a bachelor’s degree and earn a Ph.D.

Madhura Mangoli [View Image]

Madhura Mangoli

BME, joined Fall 2017

Madhura is a Biomedical Engineering Sophomore on the Pre-medicine track with a Mathematics minor and a Bachelor of Music in Indian Classical Music. She is involved in the Engineered Tissue Multiscale Mechanics and Modeling Lab since Freshman year, and is passionate about Tissue engineering and medical sciences.

Emily Clement [View Image]

Emily Clement

BME, joined Spring 2018

Emily is a junior biomedical engineering student on the biomechanics track. She is also working towards a minor in electrical engineering. She hopes to pursue a career in tissue engineering after graduation.

Katherine Kloecker [View Image]

Katherine Kloecker

BME, joined Fall 2019

Katherine Kloecker is a junior BME student on the Rehabilitation and Human Factors track. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical devices field after graduation.

Valeria Acuna profile pic [View Image]

Valeria Acuna Sierra

BME, joined Spring 2020

Valeria is started at the ETM3 Laboratory VIP team as junior in Biomedical Engineering. Valeria is in the pre-medicine track with a minor in Chemistry. She is interested in tissue engineering and aims to pursue a career in the medical field upon graduating from VCU.

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Valeria Espinoza Quino

BME, joined Spring 2020

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Scott Pennebaker

BME, joined Spring 2020

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Santiago Lopez

BME, joined Spring 2020

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Keenan Brown

BME, joined Spring 2020

DERI Scholars

Manaswini Tadigadapa [View Image]

Manaswini Tadigadapa

Henrico High School

Manaswini is a senior at Henrico High School for the IB program and DERI Scholar 2019-20 at the ETM3 Laboratory. She hopes to major in biomedical engineering for her undergraduate degree.

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Thomas “Finn” Rowley

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s SchooI


2019Anthony Gonnella2019 Dean's Undergraduate Research Initiative Fellow (MNE senior)
2019-20Madison BatesUndergraduate Researcher (BME senior)
2019Connor DonlanUndergraduate Researcher (Virginia Military Institute Senior)
2019Alisson David FrangullysUndergraduate Researcher (ECE sophomore)
2019Preston LogfranUndergraduate Researcher (BME junior)
2019Emma SchwimmerUndergraduate Researcher (BME freshman)
2018Robert FrickeUndergraduate Researcher (Virginia Military Institute Senior)
2018Nathan LisechUndergraduate Researcher (BME sophomore)
2017-18Junjie LiPostdoctoral Fellow
2017-18Anthony OngUndergraduate Researcher (MNE senior)
2017Joel PearsonUndergraduate Researcher (MNE senior)

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