Join us for a virtual discussion on COVID-19 and cancer with Norman ("Ned") E. Sharpless, M.D., director of the National Cancer Institute. This Zoom webinar is co-sponsored by The Governor’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Office of Health Equity at the Virginia Department of Health, VCU Massey Cancer Center and faith leaders from the “Facts & Faith Fridays” group. 

This event is open the public. Please register to attend this webinar:

The event will also be livestreamed on Massey's Facebook page at:

Facts & Faith Fridays began in March 2020 as a weekly call led by Massey director Robert Winn, M.D., with African American clergy in Virginia to address the disparate impact the pandemic has had on the Black community. The call has evolved to address higher rates of cancer and other health issues in diverse communities and continues to address COVID-19. With the exciting opportunity to hear from Dr. Sharpless, the Facts & Faith group is inviting all Virginians and interfaith communities to participate in this special webinar.


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