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Minority Information

It is Virginia Commonwealth University’s policy to encourage the use of minority and women-owned businesses to perform construction to the maximum extent possible. To accomplish this goal, VCU includes the following statement in all solicitations for construction processed through the Construction Management Department and University Renovations:

Minority/women-owned businesses subcontracting reporting requirements and goals

It is the policy of VCU to contribute to the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of small businesses and businesses owned by women and minorities and to encourage their participation in state procurement activities. VCU encourages contractors to provide for the participation of small businesses and businesses owned by women and minorities through partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts or other contractual opportunities.

Where it is practicable for any portion of the awarded contract to be subcontracted to other suppliers, the contractor is encouraged to offer such business to minority and/or women-owned businesses. Names of firms may be obtained from VCU’s Construction Management Department. When such business has been subcontracted to these firms and upon completion of the contract, the contractor agrees to furnish the Construction Management Department the following information: name of firm, phone number, total dollar amount subcontracted and type of product/service provided.

The Construction Management Department has a minority-owned business participation goal of 20 percent for each project.

In responding to invitations for bids, general contractors agree to attempt to meet the goals stated above.

University Renovations also requires that pre-qualified contractors utilize minority and women-owned subcontractors to the maximum extent possible.

University Renovations also utilizes minority and women-owned contractors for work that does not require the services of one of our pre-qualified contractors. They have established a list of contractors desiring to perform work for VCU, including minority and women-owned firms, and request price quotations from those contractors on a rotational basis. Minority and women-owned firms desiring to work for VCU should contact the University Renovations office at (804) 828-5669 to be included on the list.

SWaM opportunities

Download the SWaM opportunities [PDF] fact sheet.

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