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Also or if you are ready to make a request, log into Facilities Self Service.

How do I report a problem in my building?
All routine problems should be submitted via a Facilities Self Service request. In the event of a building emergency call the the FMD Customer Service at (804) 828-9444.

How do I get help when locked out of my office after hours?
Call VCU Police at (804) 828-1234.

How do I get AiM related questions answered?
Any assistance on the functionality and/or use of AiM should be forwarded to aimhelp@vcu.edu.

The staff managing this email lend support to both Facilities Self Service and other AiM funcitionalities or processes, such as entering work requests, billing, and addressing customer service concerns.

How do I request restroom supplies to be refilled (i.e. toilet paper/paper towels)
Submit a Facilities Self Service request. For emergencies and immediate needs, please call Customer Service at (804) 828-9444. ​

How do I submit a building temperature request (too hot/too cold?)
Submit a Facilities Self Service request. For emergencies and immediate needs, please call Customer Service at (804) 828-9444.

How do I get furniture replaced?
Contact your department or school.

How do I report a leak (water or gas?)
Call Customer Service at (804) 828-9444 and press 1 when prompted for an emergency.

How do I report a building emergency (lots of water, fire, smoke, etc.?)
Call Customer Service at (804) 828-9444 and press 1 when prompted.

How do I report an overflowing or stopped up toilet in my residence hall?
Call FMD Customer Service at (804) 828-9444.

How do I get help when locked out of my residence hall?
If you are locked out of your room during office hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm), visit your hall’s Housing Office to borrow a key for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you are locked out after hours or on weekends, visit the information desk in your hall, and the desk assistants will contact the RA on call to meet you in the lobby and escort you to your room to unlock the door.

How do I obtain a permit for tents and stages used throughout the University for one-time events?
Contact Matthew Magruder at magrudermc@vcu.edu or (804) 827-7890 to obtain a permit for tent or stage throughout the University for one-time events. Permits are required -- organizations are not allowed to contract with a vendor and get a tent or stage and have it installed for an event.

How do I garden on campus?
You can rent a plot for a small fee in the MCV Community Garden near the Larrick Student Center.

You can reach out to the Learning Garden Coordinator to inquire about volunteering opportunities in the Monroe Park Campus Learning Garden.

How do I recycle print cartridges?
Please place your used cartridges back in their original box.  Reach out to your Supply Room Company representative, to let them know you need to recycle used print cartridges.

If your print cartridge was not purchased through the Supply Room Company, reach out to the print cartridge manufacturer to get the cartridge recycled.

How do I rent a bike on campus for no cost?
RamBikes offers free rentals of commuter cruisers to students, faculty and staff at no cost.  All you need is your VCU ID and you can rent a bicycle, with a helmet and lights included, for up to 72 hours at a time.

How do I make my office more sustainable?
The Green Recognition for Offices and Workspaces (GROW) program is a sustainability engagement opportunity targeting faculty and staff.  Contact the Office of Sustainability to express your interest in the program. 

Alterations, renovations and improvements

Alteration, renovation and improvement work performed by Facilities Management will be billed to the requesting department at the actual cost of labor, materials, equipment and contractor cost.

Category: Buildings

Base provisions

The Facilities Management E&G budget pays for the university’s E&G and research facilities costs of operation and maintenance. The cost of basic operation and maintenance services provided to auxiliary enterprises is billed to the respective auxiliary enterprise unit.

Category: Support


Facilities Management staff oversees maintenance, repair and other efforts related to VCU boilers.

Category: Buildings

Building access

Access to all university-owned and leased buildings and spaces is limited to authorized persons for authorized purposes. Find out how to request access.

Category: Buildings

Building and space management

The Space Reporting Center provides basic information on VCU buildings and rooms. VCU FM:Interact, overseen by the Office of Space Management, provides a variety of services related to floor maps, geographic information systems (GIS) and details about buildings on the VCU campus.

Category: Buildings

Building room numbering

For buildings located within VCU’s building inventory, each room number is constructed using the “hotel system.” That is, a floor number ascending or descending from ground level is followed by a number for the room on that floor (example: 100 = First floor, 200 = Second floor, 300 = Third floor, B01 = Basement, etc.).

Category: Buildings


VCU is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community by integrating the best practices of safety and security with technology. A critical component of a comprehensive security plan is the utilization of a security and safety camera system. The surveillance of public areas is intended to deter crime and assist in protecting the safety and property of the VCU community. 

Category: Other

Campus coordinators

Campus coordinators can assist with resolving any Physical Plant or Facilities Management issues.

Category: Support


The Support Shop and Zones oversee building, installation and repair of wooden structures for VCU facilities.

Category: Buildings

Construction Management

Construction Management oversees the construction, renovation and restoration of buildings and infrastructure at VCU. Construction Management ensures that contractors adhere to the approved project design and the highest quality construction standards while complying with state code, construction and contract requirements. It is also responsible for demolition of buildings that are no longer required to achieve the university’s mission or that must be removed to make way for new facilities.

Category: Support

Contract Administration

Contract Administration manages several types of contracts at both the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses.

Category: Support

Custodial operations

Custodial operations is responsible for quality assurance of the university’s housekeeping contracts.

Category: Building Services


Physical Plant maintains and services the VCU electrical systems and components from distribution to end usage devices such as breaker panels, lighting and receptacles.

Category: Buildings


VCU Facilities Management contracts an outside vendor to inspect, repair, maintain and modify the circuitry and equipment of passenger and freight elevator systems and power lifts.

Category: Engineering and Utility Services

Engineering and utilities

The Engineering and Utilities Unit provides the VCU community with a variety of engineering and utilities services.

Category: Engineering and Utility Services

Facilities Self Service

The Facilities Self Service is an online, one-stop-shop, customer service portal for requesting assistance from Facilities Management. The quick and easy portal allows you to enter a work order or check the status of a previously submitted work order.

Category: Support

Facilities services

The university is divided into four geographic maintenance zones, each led by a superintendent. They aim to provide consistent, responsive service based on ownership and accountability for providing a complete job.

Category: Buildings

General services

General Services provides the following services on a reimbursable basis: department furniture moves, special event setup, table and chair rentals, reuse delivery, and surplus removal.

Category: Building Services

Graffiti removal

Facilities Management oversees graffiti removal from painted masonry, metal, cement and other outdoor and indoor surfaces.

Category: Buildings

Grounds and landscaping

Physical Plant maintains all university grounds and landscaping.

Category: Grounds Services

Hard surfaces

Facilities Management oversees maintenance of sidewalks and building entrances, upkeep of parking lots, and sign installation and repairs.

Category: Grounds Services

Hazardous waste

Facilities Management provides support for removing hazardous materials (e.g., asbestos, lead, mercury and PCBs) or equipment that contains hazardous materials that may be impacted during a maintenance or renovation activity.

Category: Other

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

The Physical Plant zones and automation maintain and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning and oversee indoor air quality and humidification in VCU buildings.

Category: Buildings

Inclement weather and emergencies

The VCU Division of Administration will make any decisions regarding university closing or changing normal operating schedules. The director of Physical Plant will advise the associate vice president for Facilities Management of weather and ground conditions.

Category: Buildings

Mechanical services

Facilities Management mechanical services consist of installation and maintenance of heating systems, steam distribution systems, hydronic heating systems, steam and condensate systems, chilled water systems, water distribution systems, and storm and sanitary sewer systems; and fabrication, installation and repair of piping fixtures used in the production and distribution of steam or hot water under low or high pressures including water treatment and process piping systems.

Category: Buildings


Facilities Management oversees painting and/or contracts to paint interior and/or exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, fixtures, furniture, walls (plaster or block), ceilings and floors.

Category: Buildings

Physical Plant Operations Center

The Physical Plant operates a service center designed to centralize and make the Physical Plant's services available to customers on both the VCU Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus. The Operations Center also serves as the central point of contact for general information about Physical Plant and the status of emergency work.

Category: Support

Planning and design services

Planning, project management and evaluations of buildings and spaces around VCU.

Category: Renovations

Plumbing services

The zones are responsible for installing and maintaining centralized piping, fixtures and equipment used for the delivery of water, fuel gases, compressed air, storm and sanitary sewers within VCU buildings.

Category: Buildings

Preliminary cost assessments and estimates

Physical Plant can provide estimates for small projects and service work. Request for estimates are made via the Facilities Self Service.

Category: Buildings

Recycling services

VCU utilizes a single stream recycling program in its buildings to simplify the collection of recyclable materials.

Category: Sustainability Services

Refrigeration services

Maintenance zones are responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment that uses Freon for mechanical refrigeration in the cooling process and the chemical water treatment in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that use water as a heat transfer medium.

Category: Support

Renovations and construction

University Renovations is responsible for construction, maintenance reserve, and renovation of facilities for both VCU’s Monroe Park and MCV campuses.

Category: Renovations

Roofing and gutter systems

The Roofing Shop maintains and repairs roofing and gutter systems of VCU buildings.

Category: Buildings

Safety and Risk Management

University safety and risk management functions are managed by SRM – https://srm.vcu.edu. These functions include auto claims and driver training, biosafety, environmental health and safety, fire safety, hazardous waste, industrial hygiene, insurance, laboratory safety, occupational safety, radiation safety, and risk management and insurance.

Category: Other

Scheduled maintenance announcements

Scheduled maintenance announcements for utility shutdowns, generator testing, phone and cable outages, and other scheduled maintenance are compiled from several sources. Campus coordinators are responsible for distributing these announcements to building contacts prior to any scheduled disruptions that will impact campus customers.

Category: Support


Creating a consistent, cohesive, informative and distinctive signage system not only makes navigation easier but also enhances the visual unity of each campus by distinguishing the university from the surrounding community. The Physical Plant Division is responsible for ensuring adherence to these standards. Accordingly, all signage orders must be placed through the VCU signage manager.

Category: Support

Support Shop

The Support Shop supports Facilities Management, the Physical Plant and the university as a whole with a variety of small-scale construction and repair services to help them meet their needs and goals.

Category: Buildings

Surplus and GovDeals

The Surplus Property Department is responsible for evaluating excess university personal property to determine the most cost-effective method for disposal. GovDeals provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items online.

Category: Sustainability Services

Sustainability initiatives

Sustainability at VCU intends to be mindful stewards of our diverse human and natural environments through education, innovation, collaboration and engagement. We strive to foster a multi-faceted culture of sustainability, through the responsible use of resources and continuous advocacy for the Richmond community by inspiring behavior change through our own efforts.

Category: Sustainability Services

Waterproofing and moisture intrusion

Facilities Management oversees waterproofing efforts to apply materials to structures below ground and above ground (e.g., roofs, basements, high-moisture rooms, floors and fountains). Water damage and mold caused from moisture intrusion can cause serious problems. Upon the discovery of a water leak or flood, please immediately call the Physical Plant Operations Center at (804) 828-9444.

Category: Buildings

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