2020 Sessions

Our workshops and interactive sessions are designed to engage attendees in topics relevant to our conference theme and equip attendees with tools and strategies to implement in their personal and professional lives. Attendees will select one session for each time frame. Presentations and materials will be available to all attendees in the post-conference toolkit.

1:30 PM Workshops and Interactive Sessions

Leadership Conversations: Let's Get Heard!
Sue Ann Hong
In this interactive session, attendees will be invited to have real conversations about the experience of women and women of color in leadership. Have you ever experienced any of these scenarios? You:

  • Share an idea in a meeting and nobody hears you. When someone else says the same idea, it’s a great idea OR there’s no acknowledgment at all.
  • Talk during a meeting and you get interrupted…again.
  • Formulate your thoughts and by the time you think about sharing, the meeting has already moved onto the next topic.

There are many common scenarios and stereotypes women have to overcome. This session will facilitate discussion, explore what allies can do to help support women and women of color, and provide practical ways to address these challenges and empower women to build their self-confidence.

Living Boldly
Tawanda Prince
This interactive workshop empowers women to move forward by “living boldly”. Living boldly is for those who are risk takers, visionaries, purpose driven, enthusiastic, fearless, intentional, focused and willing to do the work. This workshop offers strategies to elevate outside of “the box”, move beyond toxic people and situations that impede growth, overcome the “fear trap”, take authority over self- sabotaging behaviors, identify toxic influences, self-motivate, and how to “talk the talk” that puts their dreams in motion. Furthermore, the session will provide opportunity for open discussion, practical application activities, and Q&A.

The 5A Formula for Fearless Storytelling
Christina Tinker
This interactive session is designed to empower attendees to create powerful stories to transform fear and shame into courage and power as a woman leader. Attendees will be able to create a consistently powerful personal brand as they leverage the 5A Formula for Fearless Stories ™.

Presenting with Power: Authentic Connection in a Virtual World
Eva DeVirgilis
Whether you're writing your TEDtalk or conducting an online meeting, being an engaging speaker takes guts - and it always feels scary. In this highly humorous, interactive session, attendees will learn how to write and deliver creative, courageous, and concise presentations on-camera and off. You'll walk away with practical tools, techniques and formulas to activate your leadership potential so you can compel your audience to action every single time.

Be a Label Maker!
Sasha Gray
Are you a label-maker? Do you apply labels to yourself and allow others to judge you based on those very labels? Discover how to rip those labels off your skin, slather on some self confidence, and remember that you run your empire the way you see fit, you make the rules, you carry the torch, and you light it and put it out when YOU want to.

The World is Waiting: The Necessary Rising Tide of Female Leadership
Dina Scippa
We now have a forced opportunity to fix the many cracks in our broken systems. The pandemic is prompting us to rethink and rebuild our world. We need women’s voices, perspectives, visions, innovations and solutions now more than ever. In this interactive session, attendees will explore examples of women’s leadership around the world and consider countless examples of women who have chosen to reject the option of playing it safe and instead, daring to lead. Attendees will learn about the stewardship that women have taken in their communities and the inherent call to action of what women can be thinking about doing in the midst of this global reset. This breakout session will dig deep into the ways that women can lean in and lead in this moment, so that no one is left behind.

Explore Beyond the Routine
Tara Ruttley

Leaders can be so busy pushing themselves in their daily lives, that they often get swept away by this routine of showing up, giving it all, advancing, and doing it all again. While it may yield professional success (and sometimes it doesn’t) there is something missing – the joy of exploration and discovery. Our brains are literally rewired for the better when we try new experiences. This makes it easier for us to adapt to change and build resiliency. Big experiences, small experiences, memory making, revisiting old passions. This session will touch on the fun science behind what the brain does with new experiences (hint: it changes, big time!). Find out how this can help you overcome barriers so that you can meet your full leadership potential. Plus, it helps you live more fully! 

Jodi Hinkle
Every woman’s life across the globe has been disrupted. Although it may feel like an unexpected jolt of confusion, upset or fear, perhaps it is an invitation trying to get your attention. Collectively, we face the “unknown” as unexpected circumstances and have allowed the jolt of disruption. Women everywhere have reacted by contemplating their lives, asking themselves different questions, challenging their beliefs, and redefining their happiness. They are emerging as the leaders of their own lives. This session will offer the opportunity to: discover what is in the way of leading your own life; allow the unknown ahead to reveal glimpses of itself to you; and revel in life like you never have before.

From FEAR to BRAVE in 20 Seconds
Friderike Butler
Many women are struggling with the invisible grip of fear – fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection. Have you ever been there? Instead of speaking up and sharing your ideas, you doubted yourself and stayed quiet while others seized their opportunities? Deficiency thinking and women’s tendency to play it safe often leads to analysis paralysis and other disempowering behaviors. Over time, this can wreak havoc on your confidence and performance. Thankfully, there are simple ways to combat fear and doubt so you can bravely step into the unknown, promote your ideas, and expand your leadership capacity. 

During this workshop, attendees will discuss:

  • How to embrace fear so you can see more creative and empowering options
  • How to formulate an action plan to move from FEAR to BRAVE when it matters most
  • Three simple reframing techniques that can help you think bigger and bolder

Discover how you can take fear on a joy ride rather than letting it take the wheel. Let’s explore how we can support each other on our leadership journey and how you can exercise your authentic courageous leadership voice wherever you are in your career or in your life.

2:30 PM Workshops and Interactive Sessions

The Energy of Thought: Resiliency
Penny Zenker
The energy of your thought impacts your outlook, mood, behavior, ability to recover, communication and ultimately your happiness and meaning of life. This interactive session will cover how to manage the energy of thought through becoming comfortable with uncertainty, external and internal pressures and create strategies for recovery. Attendees will explore how to create balance, emotional intelligence and objectivity, understand their reactions to stress and external pressure, and learn how to eliminate and reduce stress with four simple tricks that can be applied immediately.

Know Your Worth
Anne Laguzza
Before you can lead without waiting, you need to Know Your Worth. This is about more than asking for your next raise. It’s about taking control of your career trajectory. During this interactive session, you will gain transformative insight into defining your worth by completing a proven five-step process. You will leave confident about your worth, armed with a process to communicate it to get what you deserve and ready to lead regardless of your position within your organization. Know Your Worth is a universal topic and relevant for anyone trying to elevate their role within an organization.

How High Can You Go? Questions That Elevate Your Leadership 
Carole Stizza

If your head hurts from hitting the perceived glass ceiling or you're just not into the stress or struggle you've heard it takes to move up - this is a method worth learning. Don't wait to lead and don't lead like men. Women are uniquely positioned to be exceptional leaders because we bring our whole self to work and nurture the same for others. Learning how to create meaningful discussions using a unique framework of questions will position you to easily face obstacles, problems, and challenges as well as provide clear, recognizable, and meaningful information to those who lead. In this short interactive session, attendees will be provided two resources to put to use right away and discussion time to optimize implementation. This session is designed to help people get curious about where they can go in their career by revealing a way to communicate more effectively, more thoughtfully, and more like themselves.

The Time Is Now to Serve Our Latinx/Immigrant/Spanish-speaking Community (El Tiempo Es Ahora Para Servir a Nuestra Comunidad)
Cristina Ramirez
This interactive session will engage attendees in considering the communities they serve and to consider which communities they have yet to serve and how best to begin laying the foundation for outreach, customer service, and delivery of services. The intended audience is anyone working in a nonprofit or government agency who serves diverse patrons. Takeaways will be tips, techniques, and best practices.

Living Your Life on PURPOSE
Cheryl Roberts

This interactive session is for women at all career levels. It does not matter what point you are at in your career, you need to focus on developing good leadership skills. If you are well into your career, you need to know how to get the most out of your career though key actions. If you are just starting, then you need to learn to take actions to help ensure you are developing into a viable leader. At the end of the session attendees will have an understanding that they are the designer and executive of their own career; understand the value of  having a clear vision, strategic action plan, key relationships and adhering to self-care as it works towards have a balanced and abundant life; have learned from other attendees; and understand that having a career path can be a fun, ever-learning, and viable experience.

Building Your Budget and Creating a Plan for Financial Excellence
Tamica Goode

This interactive session will provide a step-by-step demonstration on how to set up a budget to track income and expenses from paycheck to paycheck and introduce tools that will help clarify the most effective ways to pay down debt and to save for financial goals. Attendees will be introduced to tips and resources on how to save money and plan for financial freedom while shopping for needs and caring for families.

Unlocking Leadership Potential through Understanding the Impostor Phenomenon
Susan Hahn
This interactive session will impart knowledge about the Impostor Phenomenon (IP) and how to successfully move through it to become a confident leader. The session will begin with three primary questions: What is IP? What percentage of leaders experience IP? What are strategies proven to reduce IP symptoms? Attendees will learn what IP looks and sounds like from leaders in multiple industries through recent stories by leaders and explore the impact of ignoring or addressing IP. The session will introduce two specific strategies and tools to address IP: the 10 IP questions and the inner coach tool.

Having a Voice, Not Merely a Seat at the Table: Powerful Strategies to Amplify Your Impact
Sharon Delaney McCloud

In group settings, men are 75% more likely to speak up than women. And when a woman does speak up, it's statistically probable that her male counterparts will either interrupt her or speak over her. What does this mean? It means, even in the professional world today, if you're not ready to fight to be heard through ally-building strategies, your potential could be silenced. This engaging, actionable session will offer strategies and tactics to amplify your voice figuratively (and literally) and hone your message to make certain that your voice is heard - so that you truly have a voice, and not just a seat, at the table. Attendees will learn: ways to amplify your voice, both figuratively and literally; message development tactics to strengthen your communication; and understanding how body language and vocal delivery affect your overall communication.

The Other Side of the Leadership Coin: Followership
Toni Armstrong

“Athlete experience” is a huge focus in modern day American collegiate athletics, and is beginning to hold as much, if not more, weight than an athlete’s or team’s performance. With this new emphasis on athlete wellbeing, coaches are even more motivated to employ healthy leader/follower dynamics. This presentation will examine what healthy followership should look like, why follower-centric spaces perform better, and how you too can foster healthy followership in your life.


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