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Program Requirements

Curriculum Outline

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The coursework for the Peace Corps Prep Program includes a foreign language component (outlined below) along with the curriculum specially created for VCU Globe. This course of study is recognized as one that prepares students for work in the Peace Corps. Students who complete the program will receive a signed certificate of completion from the Peace Corps.

Foreign Language Study: 8-14 credits

Students are required to take four semesters or to place above the intermediate level (200-level) in a single foreign language. Language placement tests are administered by VCU’s School of World Studies. For the Peace Corps Prep Program, students may choose any of the following languages: Arabic, French**, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish**(**highly preferred). 

Alternatively, students may fulfill the foreign language requirement by completing a total of 50 hours of service in their desired sector.  The sectors are: Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Youth in Development, or Community Economic Development. 

Area Studies/International/Cultural Studies: 9 credits

GLED 101 (1 credit): Introduction to Globe

GLED 201 (1 credit): Global Education Seminar

GLED 202 (1 credit): Global Engagement Seminar

GLED 301 (1 credit): Planning for Global Leadership Seminar

GLED 401 (1 credit): Senior Seminar (portfolio and career preparation)

UNIV 200 (3 credits): Writing and Rhetoric (globally-focused section of course created for VCU Globe)

Sector-Specific Courses: 3-9 credits

GLED 391 (3 credits): course chosen from an approved list in consultation with VCU Globe; additionally VCU Globe, in partnership with the English Language Program in the Global Education Office, will offer Teaching English as a Second Language as an option for GLED 391.

GLED 493 (1-3 credits per course, can be repeated once for up to 6 credits): Global Leadership Practicum/Peace Corps Prep Program; this course will be tailored to the student’s area of study and interests.

Types of coursework

VCU offers a variety of disciplines that are applicable to the Peace Corps, including Social Work, Business, Education, and Health Sciences. Students studying any major at VCU can participate in VCU Globe and the Peace Corps Prep Program, and they can take GLED 391 and GLED 493 course in their area of study (including the Teaching English as a Second Language course).

Peace Corps Prep Student Guide

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