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Who we are

We have a strong team to lead us through the redesign.

Executive sponsors

President Michael Rao and members of the cabinet are champions of this Great Place: HR Redesign. They are the executive sponsors, providing leadership and strategic direction, and making final decisions. They are collaborating with an advisory committee, several subcommittees, a steering committee and a project management office. They will work together to implement the new HR plan.

The advisory committee

The advisory committee represents and seeks input from key constituents; reviews and provides feedback on proposals; serves as a clearinghouse for issues and concerns; makes recommendations to the executive sponsors; and oversees the work of subcommittees. Membership includes the following representatives:

  • Amy Armstrong, School of Allied Health Professions
  • Mary Cox, Facilities Management
  • Stephanie Goldberg, School of Medicine
  • John Guthmiller, School of the Arts
  • Kevin Harris, Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences
  • Jessica Hill, University College and ALT Lab/Office of Online Academic Programs
  • Carol Ann Irby, Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences
  • Sania Marcoccia, Provost’s Office
  • Justin Moses, Provost’s Office
  • Rebecca Pousson, School of Dentistry
  • Mark Roberts, Grants and Contracts
  • Laura Rugless, Equity and Access Services
  • Rob Tombes, College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Kayla Watts, School of Nursing

With the approval of the new HR Policy, the project moves from the design to the implementation phase. As part of this transition the project committee structure was reorganized by creating policy implementation teams around each section of the new policy.  The new teams are made up of a mix of subject matter experts -- personnel administrators, managers and representatives from central HR -- as well as some employees who can represent the end-user experience.

Performance management

  • Tammy Jackson, chair
  • Delores Armstrong, School of Nursing
  • Duane Busby, Technology Services
  • Greg Council, Human Resources
  • Shannon Cribbs, Planning and Decision Support
  • Karen Fields, Human Resources
  • Judy Granger, University Relations
  • Anjour Harris, Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Margaret Kelland, Facilities Management
  • George P Kelly, University Housing
  • Squig Moore, Human Resources
  • Mike O’Berry, VCU Police
  • Constance Peyton, Provost Office
  • Zandra Rawlinson, Human Resources
  • Jenilee Stanley Shanks, School of Engineering

Career development

  • Beverly Walker, chair
  • Joslyn Bedell, VCU Career Services
  • Terrance Henderson, University Relations
  • Dana Henry, Facilities Management
  • Austin Higgs, Equity and Access Services
  • Barry Lanneau, Technology Services
  • Penny McFarline, Human Resources
  • Eileen Truax, Facilities Management
  • Erica Stubblefield, School of Nursing
  • Lee Watts, Human Resources
  • Anita Williams, Human Resources

Leadership and management development

  • Jeremy Bost, HR Redesign Project, chair
  • Melissa Burton, Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care
  • Nakeina Douglas-Glenn, Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute
  • Karen Fields, Human Resources
  • Gary Huff, School of Nursing
  • Squig Moore, Human Resources
  • Stacy Metz, School of Engineering
  • Paul Peterson, School of Medicine
  • Kimberly Whitfield, School of Engineering

Employee groups

  • Tammy Currie, Human Resources, chair
  • Emily Avesian, VCU iCubed
  • Elizabeth Fortune, C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research
  • Demmie Pennix, School of Nursing
  • Amy Unger, Provost Office
  • Tina Webb, School of Allied Health Professions


  • Meredith Lane, Human Resources, chair
  • Julia Ayscue, Human Resources
  • Danielle Hairston, Provost Office
  • Carol Ann Irby, Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences
  • Hannah Lynch, School of Education
  • Jessica Lyon, School of Dentistry
  • Lindsey Matko, School of Engineering
  • Tristana Nesvig Trani, University Relations


  • Patricia Matthews, Human Resources, chair
  • Caroline Boyd, School of Medicine
  • Dacia Danko, Human Resources
  • Shemeka Negron, Human Resources
  • Jordan Snead, Human Resources
  • Allison Wetterhahn, Human Resources
  • Janet White, Human Resources

Employee relations

  • Squig Moore, Human Resources, chair
  • Kathy Bradshaw, VCU Libraries
  • Jenn Carmean, University Relations
  • Dana Henry, Facilities Management
  • Carolyn Lee, School of Medicine
  • Mildred Weathers, Parking and Transportation
  • Allison Wetterhahn, Human Resources

Alternative work arrangements

  • Anna McLemore, Human Resources, chair
  • Barry Lanneau, Technology Services
  • Kasey Odem, University Relations
  • Miranda Pyne, School of Business
  • Zandra Rawlinson, Human Resources

Paid leave

  • Sheila Baker, Human Resources, chair
  • Martina Hicks, Human Resources
  • Zandra Rawlinson, Human Resources
  • Kate Shmitz, Honors College
  • Daynon Smith, Human Resources
  • Janet Sweeney, Human Resources
  • Tasia Thompson, Human Resources
  • Andrea Wade, Massey Cancer Center
  • Lee Watts, Human Resources


  • Daniel Jason, Human Resources, chair
  • Carolyn Conlon, Human Resources
  • Debbie Fitzgerald, Human Resources
  • Chris Gsell, Human Resources
  • Aahuti Gupta, Human Resources
  • Courtney Hines, School of Dentistry
  • Andrea Publow, Office of Sponsored Programs

The steering committee

The steering committee will provide guidance and direction for the project, advising on scope, deliverables and policy changes. They will set priorities, help to navigate change, resolve problems and remove obstacles. Membership includes the following representatives:

  • Kathy Bassard, Provost’s Office
  • Jake Belue, General Counsel
  • Cathleen Burke, Human Resources
  • Karol Gray, Finance and Budget
  • Alex Henson, Technology Services
  • Pam Lepley, University Relations
  • Brian Shaw, Office of the President
  • Madelyn Wessel, General Counsel

Talent management software implementation group

The talent management software implementation workgroup combines members of our technology team, other key technology professionals, stakeholders from the learning and development council and representatives from the performance management subcommittee. The workgroup is charged with ensuring the successful implementation of a new software that supports the goals of the HR Redesign Project--particularly performance management and learning and development.

  • Gina Barber, Equity and Access Services
  • Michaela Bearden, Center for Corporate Education
  • Tom Briggs, Safety and Risk Management
  • Ashley Clinton, Division for Academic Success
  • Mark Covington, Technology Services
  • Jaycee Dempsey, Audit and Compliance Services
  • Karen Fields, Human Resources
  • Judy Granger, University Relations
  • Anjour Harris, Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Barry Lanneau, Technology Services
  • Penny McFarline, Human Resources
  • Helga Mitchell, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Capt. Mike O’Berry, VCU Police
  • Constance Peyton, Provost's Office
  • Jim Yucha, Application Services

Technology team

The technology team is comprised of representatives from human resources, payroll services and technology services. The team’s role is to thoroughly vet the impact of the proposed changes on our systems of record and plan technology development and implementation accordingly to ensure readiness by January 2018. The members include:

  • Amy Barnes, Payroll Services
  • Konjit Chitty, Human Resources
  • Dacia Danko, Human Resources
  • Mark Lewis, Technology Services
  • Patricia Matthews, Human Resources
  • Anna McLemore, Human Resources
  • Jacqueline Myers, Payroll Services
  • Daynon Smith, Human Resources
  • Jordan Snead, Human Resources
  • Janet Sweeney, Human Resources
  • Tasia Thompson, Human Resources
  • Lee Watts, Human Resources
  • Janet White, Human Resources
  • Ramona Willoughby, Human Resources

The project management office

The project management office includes a project executive, project manager and program managers. The executive provides leadership and direction for the project; is accountable for results; serves as liaison with the executive sponsors, steering committee and advisory committee; manages operations, scope and deliverables; and builds and maintains a cooperative, motivated and successful project team.

The project manager develops and monitors project work plans; revises those plans to meet changing needs and requirements; monitors operations, scope and deliverables; identifies, escalates and manages risks; keeps the project on time and on budget; prepares status reports; and coordinates and provides staff support to project committees.

The program manager serves as the key staff person responsible for leading the design and implementation of a particular HR program. The program manager plans, coordinates and facilitates operational activities necessary for successful program implementation; researches, designs and develops program policies, guidelines, procedures, outreach, training and other resources; assesses, analyzes and resolves issues; collaborates with internal partners and ensures appropriate measures are taken to engage and involve external constituents; and designs, develops and delivers communication and change management strategies.

Susan Carkeek
Senior Advisor to the President
(804) 828-4712

Jeremy Bost
Program Manager, Leadership Development
(804) 828-5179

Jessica Bryant
Project Manager
(804) 828-4018

Rosalind Harris
Executive Assistant
(804) 828-4542

Tammy Jackson
Program Manager, Performance Management
(804) 828-5664

Beverly Walker
Program Manager, Career Development
(804) 828-5588

Megan Wood
Project Coordinator
(804) 828-3857

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