Nutrition Resources

RamPantry @ VCU

RamPantry offers nutritious food options to any VCU student, faculty, or staff member in need.

Free Nutrition Consults

Student Health has a registered dietitian nutritionist on staff who offers free in-depth nutrition consultations for VCU students.

Behavioral Weight Loss Program

Researchers at VCU are involved in the Reach Trial, a study funded by the NIH that evaluates behavioral weight loss programs.  The trial is designed for young adults who are 18-25 years old and overweight.  Participants will receive personalized feedback and weight loss coaching.  Click on the link above for more info and to see if the study is actively enrolling participants.

Exercise Secrets for Weight Loss

Secret #1: Both aerobic exercise and resistance training (weight lifting) are important components of a healthy lifestyle.  However, resistance training is much more effective when it comes to weight loss:

  • 10 minutes of resistance training 2 days/week is equal to 30 minutes of cardio 5 days/week in the number of calories burned!
  • So if time is an issue, aim for at least 10 minutes of resistance training twice a week (and add in heart-healthy aerobic exercise as often as you can):
    • Check out the amenities at VCU Rec Sports or try this strength training program for your home, which also offers good basic weight training info for beginners.
    • Do 10 exercises that target the major muscle groups for 1 minute each.
    • Alternate upper and lower body exercises.  Lower body resistance training is more important because of the higher muscle mass in your legs.
    • Work large muscle groups first, then small muscle groups.
    • Work your way up to 3 sets of 8 reps at 80% of maximum weight (this is the weight that can be lifted in a single repetition) for a given exercise.

Secret #2: Increasing daily non-exercise activity has more impact on weight loss than doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day!

  • Walking more is a simple way to increase lower body resistance training and burn more calories.  You burn 150 calories/hour just by walking across campus.  So skip the car ride, the elevator, and that parking space right by the entrance.  Just walk!
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