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panel one - karen rader / panel two - ada lovelace [View Image]

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating the achievements of the first computer programmer in history

Oct 12, 2021

Could you imagine computer programming before the modern computer? Professor Karen Rader lends her perspective on the life of Ada Lovelace and the celebration of women in STEM throughout history.

zoom screenshot of mary beth norton presenting her lecture [View Image]

Do you really know the history of the American Revolution?

Sep 22, 2021

Do you really know the history of the American Revolution? Historian Mary Beth Norton's research shows a different and more detailed story than what you may have learned in high school.

historic photo of a woman dancing in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month [View Image]

Preserving Cultural Heritage: the history behind Hispanic Heritage Month

Sep 21, 2021

Professor Daniel Morales writes about the history behind Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a repost from a news story published September 30, 2020.

9/11 conceptual illustration of one of the World Trade Center towers [View Image]

9/11 and the Constitution: A Conversation

Aug 30, 2021

VCU Libraries is hosting a video conversation on how 9/11 radically changed how the Constitution is interpreted.

Brian Daugherity [View Image]

Brian Daugherty named recipient of Virginia Museum of History & Culture’s William M.E. Rachal Award

Aug 19, 2021

The award to Brian Daugherity is in recognition of an article documenting African American activism in Goochland County in the Jim Crow era.

left frame: Bryleigh Jackson / right frame: horizontal color stripes representing juneteenth - red, black, green [View Image]

Student Perspective: Bryleigh Jackson on American History and Juneteenth

Jun 9, 2021

Bryleigh Jackson, a VCU history major, provides her insight about the recognition of Juneteenth as a state holiday as well as her affinity for learning all the nuances of American History.

Left frame: Plan of the City of New York from William Duncan’s 1793 city directory. (Digital Collections, New York Public Library) / Right frame: Portrait of Alexander Anderson, c. 1815, by John Wesley Jarvis (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) [View Image]

Here’s how New York City survived a deadly outbreak — in the 1790s

Apr 21, 2021

Through the eyes of front-line medical worker Alexander Anderson, a forthcoming book by Professor Carolyn Eastman will explore how New York grappled with yellow fever epidemics.

Left frame: Will Tharp / Right Frame: Banner with text- we demand an amendment to the US constitution enfranchising women [View Image]

History Faculty Vote to Use Departmental Funds for Graduate Student Tuition: M.A. Student Will Tharp Explains the Importance, Reflects on his Grad Program Experience

Apr 20, 2021

Professor Emilie Raymond talked with M.A. student Will Tharp, who is graduating in May ’21, about the importance of robust graduate funding in his experience at VCU.

Bill and Miriam Blake [View Image]

The History of Christianity: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Apr 8, 2021

Professor Andrew Crislip reflects on the nearly three decades of the Blake Lecture in the History of Christianity, the remarkable teaching skills of Dr. Blake, and the relevance of Christianity in today's society.

Left frame: Audrey Spann / Right frame: 19th Century Female Shoplifter. Book Illustration; “A Female Shoplifter,” from James D. McCabe Jr. Lights and Shadows of New York Life. Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1872; [View Image]

Audrey Spann: female shoplifters in the 19th century

Mar 29, 2021

In our interview with Spann, she describes her research on female shoplifters in the 19th century and the significance of Women's History Month.

john powers [View Image]

John C. Powers reappointed chair of Department of History

Mar 12, 2021

Powers has worked at VCU for the past 14 years, serving most recently as an associate professor in the Department of History.

ana edwards [View Image]

Ana Edwards is preserving Black history — and sharing it with others

Feb 23, 2021

The VCU alumna and chair of the Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project, will receive the VCU history department’s highest honor for graduate alumni March 18.

toneisha brown in one frame with statue of maggie walker in richmond, virginia in second frame [View Image]

Toneisha Brown: A fervent preservationist for African American history

Feb 12, 2021

In our interview with Brown, she describes being a volunteer at the Maggie Walker house, her goals for the future and the significance of Black History Month.

The letters [View Image]

Alum's art projections transform the Lee monument — and land the cover of National Geographic

Dec 14, 2020

In an interview with VCU News, history graduate Alex Criqui discusses the work he and artist Dustin Klein have put into Reclaiming the Monument — a project they hope brings people together.
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