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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of History

At this time, history department faculty and staff are working remotely. All phone numbers listed below are land lines. We recommend email as the most efficient mode of communication. For general inquiries, please contact

Leigh Ann Craig [View Image]
Leigh Ann Craig, PhD

Associate Professor, medieval Europe
(804) 828-9666

Andrew Crislip [View Image]
Andrew Crislip, PhD

Blake Chair in the History of Christianity
(804) 828-0155

Brian Daugherity [View Image]
Brian Daugherity, PhD

Associate Professor, twentieth-century United States
(804) 828-4498

Michael L Dickinson [View Image]
Michael L. Dickinson, PhD

Assistant Professor, African American history
(804) 827-3901

Carolyn Eastman [View Image]
Carolyn Eastman, PhD

Associate Professor, early America
(804) 828-0053

G. Antonio Espinoza [View Image]
G. Antonio Espinoza, PhD

Associate Professor, modern Latin America
(804) 828-9398

Christopher Ewing [View Image]
Christopher Ewing, PhD

Assistant Professor, LGBTQ+, modern European history, oral history
(804) 827-3900

Rocio Gomez [View Image]
Rocio Gomez, PhD

Assistant Professor, Latin American History
(804) 828-9706

Melis Hafez [View Image]
Melis Hafez, PhD

Associate Professor, Middle East
(804) 828-9767

John E Herman [View Image]
John E. Herman, PhD

Associate Professor, late imperial China
(804) 828-2856

John W Lemza [View Image]
John W. Lemza, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor, Post-1945 U.S., Cold War
(804) 690-9533

John T Kneebone [View Image]
John T. Kneebone, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus, twentieth-century U.S.

Sarah H Meacham [View Image]
Sarah H. Meacham, PhD

Associate Professor, colonial America
(804) 828-9758

Bernard Moitt [View Image]
Bernard Moitt

Professor, Africa and the Caribbean
(804) 828-9675

Daniel Morales [View Image]
Daniel Morales, PhD

Assistant Professor, public history
804 828-2783

Brooke Newman [View Image]
Brooke Newman, PhD

Associate Professor, the British Atlantic
(804) 828-9670

John C Powers [View Image]
John C. Powers, PhD

Chair, History Department and Associate Professor, STS and Europe
(804) 828-1736

Karen Rader [View Image]
Karen Rader, PhD

Professor, STS and twentieth-century United States
(804) 828-9642

Emilie E Raymond [View Image]
Emilie E. Raymond, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies, Professor, twentieth-century United States
(804) 828-9809

Kathryn Shively [View Image]
Kathryn Shively, PhD

Associate Professor, American Civil War, Military History, Environmental History
(804) 828-9714

Ryan K Smith [View Image]
Ryan K. Smith, PhD

Professor, United States history, material culture
(804) 828-9932

Gregory Smithers [View Image]
Gregory Smithers, PhD

Professor, Native American history,Cherokee Studies, comparative history, history of race and racism
(804) 828-4386

Peter Stone [View Image]
Peter Stone, PhD

Assistant Professor, ancient Greek history and archaeology
(804) 828-8577

Timothy N Thurber [View Image]
Timothy N. Thurber, PhD

Professor, twentieth-century United States
(804) 828-4760

William Whitworth [View Image]
William Whitworth, MA

Adjunct instructor, America and Europe
(804) 828-1635

Andrea Wight [View Image]
Andrea Wight

Administrative Specialist

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