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Hannah Balow*

Major: Nursing, Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Lorton, VA

Favorite Honors Course: My favorite honors course I've taken is HONR 150, which is the Flourishing course. Flourishing was my favorite honors course as it showed me the importance of self-care in college and provided such a positive classroom environment that I looked forward to every week. Without a doubt, I still utilize the skills I learned in Flourishing today.

Favorite Honors Memory: My favorite Honors memory was living in the Honors College my Freshman year. I met some of my best friends in the Honors College, and it was awesome having two honors classes per semester in the same building I lived in. The Honors College building provides an abundance of resources for students. From the common areas on every floor to the private study rooms in the honors lounge, there is something for everyone.

Other: Guaranteed Admission Program for Nursing

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