Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight - Dr. Neha Gupta

Dr. Gupta [View Image]Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Valdosta, GA, and I didn’t leave until heading to college at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!).  I then went to medical school at the Medical College of Georgia.

Tell us a “fun fact” about yourself.
I can peel an orange in one slice, if you consider that a fun fact.

What do you like to do on a day off?
By far my favorite “day off” activity is going to Pony Pasture and sitting by the James River. Whether it’s for a casual bike ride around the surrounding neighborhood, picnicking on the rocks, or just walking along the trails, I love decompressing in this spot!

Why did you choose VCU for residency?
When I was interviewing for residency, I started the journey with a definite checklist of “must have” characteristics for my perfect program, naturally surrounding numerous academic pursuits and opportunities. While there were many programs that met my previously devised list, I was pleasantly surprised by what VCU offered me outside of my checklist. The sense of community and belonging that can be found here is truly a unique characteristic. There is a real connection for those that come here; an identity is bonded to VCU for many who train here. By the end of my interview trail, I realized that I will get an excellent education at most programs across the country, but far fewer could offer me the sense of community that VCU could offer.

What do you value most about the program?
I remember being struck by the program’s commitment to constantly improving both for its residents and itself. It’s truly incredible to be a part of a program that actively seeks critical input from its residents and that critically examines itself constantly. I always feel confident that my education and growth as a physician is the number one priority of this program.

What do you love about Richmond?
I could write an essay on all the things I love about Richmond! You have all the great amenities that you would expect from a large city but also the benefits of a small town (like having the traffic of a small city). There’s a place in Richmond for every mood I have. There are trails for my outdoorsy adventures, delicious restaurants for my inner food/wine connoisseur, and beautiful historic sites and museums for my more bookish curiosities.

How would you describe your co-residents?
My co-residents are people that I want to hang out with on the weekend, and they are doctors I would want taking care of me. They are truly the most intelligent and hard-working people I have ever worked with, and they are the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such an accomplished and dependable group of residents.

How would you describe the faculty members at VCU?
If I could only pick one word, “phenomenal.” I think VCU is one of the few places in the world where you could walk into a room with a nationally recognized physician and still feel like your education is their top priority.
What do you want people to know about our program?
VCU is a program that not only tries to grow its residents as practitioners, but also as individuals. I truly believe there are few programs that really invest in its residents the same way VCU does.


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