Faculty Profiles

OIiver Speck [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Oliver Speck, Ph.D., Director, Media, Art and Text Program
"VCU is a place that needs fruitful connections and idea exchange to happen freely, and I see MATX as just such an opportunity.”
Ye Chen [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Ye Chen, Ph.D., Statistical Sciences and Operations Research
“The amount of available data has been growing tremendously in the last decade along with the development of the internet and hardware. People are more interested in how to analyze and interpret the data.”
Robert Godwin-Jones [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Robert Godwin-Jones, Ph.D., School of World Studies
Where do foreign languages, the Brothers Grimm and computer-assisted learning intersect at VCU? In the office and classroom of Robert Godwin-Jones, Ph.D., a professor and member of the foreign language faculty in the School of World Studies.
Dewey Taylor [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Dewey Taylor, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
In January 2004, Dewey Taylor saw an ad for her dream job—a tenure-track position in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at VCU.
Andrew Moon [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Andrew Moon, Ph.D., Department of Philosophy
"Philosophy thrives in community—it’s about bouncing ideas off of one another, disagreeing, thinking of better arguments."
Judy Twigg [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Judy Twigg, Ph.D., Department of Political Science
Ukraine was on the minds of many Americans in 2019. That also happens to be one of the countries in which Judy Twigg, professor in the Department of Political Science, specializes.
Michelle Peace [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Michelle Peace, Ph.D., Department of Forensic Science
Lawyer or chemist? Michelle Peace was torn.
Michael Hunnicutt and Mychal Smith with Project SEED students at their poster session in August [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Mychal Smith, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry
As an undergrad, Mychal Smith, Ph.D., knew he wanted a career in the sciences. He originally planned to be a medical doctor, but biology just didn’t take.
Gabriela Leon-Perez [View Image]
Faculty Profile: Gabriela Leon-Perez, Ph.D, Department of Sociology
When CHS announced a cluster hiring for a migration studies initiative with a focus on Latin America, Gaby Leon-Perez, Ph.D., knew she had found the right fit.
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