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International Symposium on Clusters and Nanomaterials

(Energy and Medicine)

November 3-7, 2019 

Richmond, Virginia

Welcome to ISCAN - 2019

The 10th International Symposium on Clusters and Nanomaterials (ISCAN) will be held in the historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, USA from November 3 – 7, 2019. This symposium is a continuation of the quadrennial Richmond Conference series, which started in 1982. The 2019 Richmond conference will focus on the structure-property relationships of clusters and nanomaterials, with a focus on their role in solving outstanding problems in energy and medicine; two of the most important challenges facing science and society.

Nanomaterials, due to their low dimensionality and unique composition, possess uncommon properties. Atomic clusters are the ultimate nanoparticles where every atom and every electron count, thus, making it possible to achieve a fundamental understanding of the evolution of the properties of matter. In addition to unveiling novel scientific phenomena, nanoscience holds promise to address important technological challenges. The topics of this symposium include clean and sustainable energy and storage (solar, hydrogen, thermo-electric for energy and batteries for storage); bioactive, bio-responsive, and biomimetic materials; Nano toxicity; diagnostic and therapeutic devices; bioengineering; and regenerative medicine. The symposium will also address cross-cutting topics such as reactions, catalysis, electronic, optical, and magnetic properties.

This symposium will bring together researchers from diverse fields of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, engineering, and medicine. The objective is to create a broad platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and results, identify outstanding problems, and develop new collaborations. In addition to 14 plenary sessions of invited talks by leading experts and two poster sessions, the symposium will feature oral presentations on “hot-topics”, to be selected from the contributed abstracts.

The 2019 symposium will also feature a special memorial session to honor the lives of Profs. Millie Dresselhaus, Will Castleman, Walter Kohn, and John Yates who were associated with this series for many years. 

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