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VCU LEAD students will individualize their out of classroom leadership experience, based on academic major, personal interests and career goals. We expect our students to be active participants in their residential community, the classroom, and the Richmond community through participating in leadership and service events.  The VCU LEAD program supports our expectations through providing a rich co-curricular experience through a variety of programs and opportunities.


Co-Curricular Activities

LEAD Launch

LEAD Launch is a series of daily leadership and social activities that will annually provide a program launch for the LEAD LLP.  LEAD Launch encompasses a wide variety of programming from service, to speakers, to tradition-building activities that takes place the first week of classes after LEAD orientation.

LEAD Pathways

During their 2 years in the program, students will select one of the following high impact pathways in which to apply their leadership learning to real world experiences.  The six LEAD Pathways include: service-learning, study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, innovation/entrepreneurship, and peer leadership experiences.  Students can also develop a plan to create their own pathway that integrates their learning.  Students will engage in their Pathway as early as their second semester but no later than the fall of their second year in the program.  

LEAD Abroad

Yearly study abroad opportunities designed to provide students with a global understanding of leadership. LEAD abroad programs are open to students in LEAD, Emerging Leaders, and Omicron Delta Kappa.  Annually, LEAD travels to Belize for a 2-week service trip with VCU ASPIRE LLP.  Other programs travelling abroad and within the country will be announced throughout the year.

LEAD Lectures

Once-a-month leadership lectures where speakers from both inside and outside of VCU interact with students about the art of leadership in their field.  Each session is designed to be 1 hour and include a Q&A component.

LEAD Plunges

Monthly trips that explore leadership outside of the classroom.  These experiences take place in the Richmond and surrounding communities and include excursions, tours, meetings, job-shadowing, and other hands-on activities.  

LEAD Serves

Monthly service projects that help students engage in servant leadership.

LEAD Traditions

LEAD students engage in the community through various LEAD traditions, including LEAD Launch, Friendsgiving, Free food at Finals, socials, and the LEAD certificate ceremony.

LEAD Workshops

These programs are designed to be a hands-on experience and deeper dive conversations into a variety of leadership topics.

LEAD Journeys

VCU LEAD Alumni return to discuss their time in the VCU LEAD program and how those leadership concepts and experiences shaped them as professionals in their careers.

LEADership Opportunities

Every year, LEAD looks to our students to engage in the program and office on a larger scale.  These opportunities include working in LEAD as a student intern, serving on the service and recruitment teams, and being a student member of the LEAD advisory board.


LEAD student defining what leadership means to him [View Image]     LEAD students on a plunge in 2016 [View Image]     LEAD students painting building in Belize [View Image]


VCU LEAD no longer accepts applications for the program.  To apply for the new LLP, VCU Transform, please click here!

Virginia Commonwealth University

Division of Student Affairs
1000 W. Grace St.
Box 842548
Richmond, VA 23284-2548
804-827-LEAD (5323)
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